Kufanya plan na dem ni ujinga. Hehe


Hii ni ufala gani watu wanafanya?:D:D:D:D

Looks like a comedy skit.
Why can’t people just do things right?
Whatever it is, whether you’re repairing the International Space Station or committing a fake robbery, is it too much to ask that you apply yourself?
Fucking losers.

Dame just sold them out…akifinywa make…sore,matiti ataropokwa plan yote.

I might comment here and be the next suspect.

Let me distant myself na wezi wajinga.

it happened in trinidad you fwakin yellow bellied loser

Hata wewe ukifinywa makei unaita ancestors.

They didn’t sell that robbery :smiley: :smiley:

Makamasi acha ku catch mafeelings bana I was just towing along your lines.Samehea mimi buana…

Ni nini inaendelea hapa

Huoni mwizi na dame wa counter wako pamoja. She even checked the security camera.

The cash was already packed in a paperbag in anticipation

Waisi ni wengi kwa hio place especially ladies,look at the lady manning the door and the other giving signs ,kunguru ni kunguru tu not to be trusted when making a deal ,hio bunduki sio bonoko but can bet it’s a zc pistol most likely stolen from a cop.

Body language sold the cashier lady out.

This should be on smoking gun

Hapo ata wezi ni wengi.