kuenda majuu/family separation

would you continue with your marriage if you got a chance to got to e.g America and your family didn’t et the chance yet? Would you convince yourself that your wife will remain celibate as you are in America?

Why does your wife matter at the moment? Focus on the bigger things, the new opportunities and exposure and experience. If you are worried about your wife getting chewed then the 3 years and 5 days you have spent on this platform are a waste.

not me… i am asking a question. would you still say in your mind that you are married?

:D:Dkhupipi ako wapi… village whoremongers wakuchungie. a horny female is a dangerous creature… ni hayo tu

i have been here since the beginning

In a world that cheating is very normalized, it would take so much less to have you wife cheat on your. Long distance is so much more, definitely the marriage is on the rocks unless you can accept your wife being bonked is normal.

i know kuenda majuu si hio itafanya akuliwe… she has many chances…so you would be okay with it? and come back once in a while and eat her as normal?

You can get a new American wife and new American family :D:D

Look for money first… As you do that assume that you are single and that your former wife is now a kunguru… Support your kids if any… Once you make it big, look for another woman to marry… Either way, money is more important… Hata sasa hivi if you are not chumed most likely anakuliwa… … Money is to men what beauty is to women…

Mimi kama planteshener mwenye Kenya imekuwa kama holiday destination for the last five years huwa si sumbuliwe na bibi venye ata taka kufanya na nyaus yake ata niende miaka ngapi…there is too much easy money to be made outside Kenya kujali kama anadinywa na maraya sugu mpenda bibi za wenyewe Kama @rexxsimba…alafu contrary to what most young men in ktalk think some women really love what they do and find focus when mzee is not around…they are not focused on being dicked…parting shot though kunguru hafugikii…pray that your ancestors direct you to a good woman

Sasa mimi kama mechanized infantry wa AMG, blue eye akimumunya josto yangu nono nguvu ya kufikuria watu umeacha enya inatoka wapi

It’s inevitable that your wife will dish out slices when you’re in a different continent over 10,000 km away. But that shouldn’t stop you from traveling abroad.

You can easily replace her.

Haha kama ako serious namna gani atagawa…

kwa nini akuwe celibate? vitu zengine una accept na life inaendelea. io sio topic ya kudiscuss ama kufikiria, assume kila kitu iko sawa.
ukirudi kenya upate boma imetunzwa vizuri, watoto wanakutambua kama baba yao, na wametunzwa poa, ni enough.

i identify as a polygamist

I would worry more about not seeing my kids and my aging parents than my wife’s infidelity. After all, if she decides to cheat, she will do so even when you sleep on the same bed daily.

Is the financial incentive worth the move? How many years less would you have to work for the same amount of money considering the higher cost of living abroad?

Move only if you are going to save (after expenses) a ton of money for investment. For example, if you save $1500 per month working in Kenya, and you can save $7500 per month working abroad, the move would be worth it. You will have saved enough money in 10 years working abroad than you would save working in Kenya for your entire career (40 years). That doesn’t even account for compound interest on the money because it won’t just sit idle at the bank getting eaten up by inflation.

Ultimately, its your decision to make.

Chance ya kukua birrionaire alafu nikule Nicki Minaj mkia fucck pipi na watoto

Why would you care what your wife does with her pussy when you are not around? Hata ukiwa Kenya she is being fucked left, right and centre behind your back without you knowing it. Wewe enda majuu tengeneza pesa and find ways of how to invest your money and create more wealth. After all, why would you care about your wife’s pussy when you will be surrounded by pussy from all races?

Unless you married wrong, your wife can wait until you meet her in holidays. There is lot of negativity online regarding this issue but what matters is who you married and if they can see the bigger picture.

Nice… Talkers don’t believe a woman can be faithful for a year or more…