Kubwa, tamu ajabu





Dr @rexxsimba likes this…

I have 7 bodies of this type…mixed results…some very good , some not so.

Do not be afraid to explore the spectrum and test yourself before you settle on your preferred type.

Hideous though, off course, to each his own

I have had a “heavy” breakfast this morning.


Siwezi lipa more than 150


@rexxsimba = @The guy

Watoto ya CBC,ni lazima mucomment ama kuna kitu haiendi poa?

You are Preaching to the Converted…:D:D

Ms. Resago Tshabadira AKA Segos Pumpkin.


The Stuff of Dreams … :D:D


Manze si nipate kitu kama hii iko hapo 23-25 bana! Safi mkuu.

Out of shape. Those big thighs are nothing but fat.

Men store fat in belly, women store in their behind and thighs.

Health will deteriorate in a few years because of obesity, diabetes, heart disease.

Plus they break furniture every time, cannot fit in a normal person seat in mat, car, airplane, office, struggles to climb stairs.

Cannot stand or walk for long, they get lazy for having too much weight to carry around, they get tired really quickly.

They eat too much. Being this big is evidence of lack of discipline. They just eat and eat without self control.

They sweat at lot, even under the boobs. There’s a patch of skin color between the legs that looks awful from the heat and skin rubbing each other.

It’s also difficult to access that area and doing certain positions, they cannot ride you, too heavy.

Plus big women vaginas produce a lot of that white creamy lubrication, that’s not pleasant.



Good stuff :cool: