Kubaya sana: Detectives secretly combing the DP’s bank accounts both locally and outside the country

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Once the masses label you as a thief, not stealing won’t save your already damaged reputation. Ruto ako hiyo position sasa. He has nothing to lose now if he steals, after all already anajulikana ni mwizi. From a materialistic perspective, under current circumstances, his best move is to continue looting to compensate his already damaged reputation. He wants to make it worth the damage in reputation.

If you accuse me of stealing 1 billion, before I steal, you leave me no choice but to steal to compensate

RUTO is going down ! period…

Unless he does what Lyndon Johnson did, hawesmake

Or you could just prove you didnt steal and let rumors be rumors public opinion is volatile …but if you go ahead and steal then thats a concrete evidence against you and there’s no coming back from that

ruto is already moving his things to state house now

I’ll wait for your analysis

sina mengi ya kusema,uncle ruto liwe liwalo

You can’t prove that you haven’t stolen if 40 million Kenyans believe that you did. I think you are not 13 years old so you know that as a politician, when people label you as guilty, you remain guilty for a long time. Waiguru was absolved from NYS by the courts, did that change what people think about her??

Leo ume-post kitu ina-make sense

Elewa dam haina maji ya kuzima moto, only dry thickets costing 21B, or as some quarters are vehemently trying to prove 7B

Exactly. You are guilty in the court of public opinion but innocent in a court of law. For a politician, if the public thinks you are guilty, it can be fatal to your ambitions

The court of public opinion has already judged Ruto as guilty and he is not running away from that hata akienda 1000 harambees. Once you are judged the only logical move is to steal more, ndio maana Ruto haachi wizi any time soon. He already knows that his reputation is damaged.

why would you assume 40million kenyans think ruto is a thief …he has a huge chunk of support base … waiguru won women governor seat what does that tell you …angekua na kiherehere aibe ibe just to “compensate” she would be cat walking in langata prisons now

It is extremely frustrating ukianza kutumia akili kama kofia. Uliza watoto wa primary school top 5 most corrupt politicians ungoje jibu.

Secondly, ushawahi ona mtu ameiba over half a billion akienda jela Kenya, pesa ya umma?? What makes you think that Waiguru would have been the first kuenda after aibe?? Nakwambia hufikirii poa. Waiguru was judged by the public after she had already been fired. Angeibia wapi hizo za kucompensate?? Ruto’s office is guaranteed by the constitution. Uhuru can’t fire him like he fired Waiguru. So kwa Ruto, wizi ni work in progress mpaka 2022.

well you just made my point … watu hudhani they can rank the “most corrupt” inspite of facts wako tu na kili ndogo hata kushinda a nursery kid

we ushawai ona mtu ameiba half a billion? …ama nikuskia tu

Politics is not a matter of fact, but of perception

I used to think you are either a pastor or a tycoon bishop… Kumbe unajua tumatusi na sheng :D:D:D:D