Kubaya sana: Detectives secretly combing the DP’s bank accounts both locally and outside the country

Detectives are now secretly combing the DP’s bank accounts both locally and outside the country to establish the veracity of the claims made by the Italian firm’s officials in their statements with police. Not spared are accounts operated by DP family members and allies. They want to establish if Ruto and allies operate offshore accounts.


The Italian officials recorded their statements in the company of their lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi who also represents Ruto in the Weston Hotel saga at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.


And this greedy lawyer doesn’t seem to miss a gravy train in defence of the wealthy merchants

Well it is not a secret anymore if even you know it.

Huyu Ruto siku moja ataenda foreign trip alafu akifika airport akutane na wazungu in black suits and dark glasses who will tell him sir u have the right to remain silent…anything u say blabla alafu awekwe pingu


ao wote ni waswahili wa pemba. wanajuana kwa vilemba. si eti hawajui chenye ilifanyika. lakini ju mnapiga kelele na kujifanya wajuaji they play along. eti investigations? uhuru na ruto chanda na pete

Nothing will happen to Ruto. In any case he is just enhancing his CV…Whether you like it or not you better start accepting the fact that your fellow maize roaster is going to be your president. I have accepted it and made peace with it but I don’t want my kids to blame me for raising them under such " conditions" so I will make sure they are away from +254 for atleast 10years during his tenure.

Mattercko :D:D:D

Come 2022, Ruto will be doing as instructed at zero option.

As instructed by who? You can’t run a deep state with someone like Ruto at the helm.

relax, the system will humble him.

Ruto akichunguzwa acc zake na za jamaa zake, za UK na watu wake je? Ama mtoto wa peasant hajaruhusiwa kuingia ndani ya uongozi?

hehe. Utapatia huyo mkalenjin spear, peptic ulcer na hii article. Na vile ameandika paragraph mingi tangu jana full of diversion and “whataboutism”.

Ilifika mahali hadi akaanza kuandika English-Tugen, na ma-broken Ingrich.

And if you can steal 21 billion today na je ukikuwa Rais?

1 billion dollars, straight up.

@Mchoma mahindi and @Kahuni Maisha, tomorrow I’ll illustrate what a WSR presidency means for Kenya.

He he he bana jana kausingizi kalikata kubamba wakitafuta materials za ku-divert water from the dam :D:D:D

He might b a thief but this war is not abt corruption, it is political. They just cnt take it that a son of a poor man will b President

Sawa mtu wangu

The real Jubillee development record mashinani: :meffi::meffi:

Can’t you let someone people have peace today?
Sasa wanatafuta materials kwa net to counter your thread