Kuamlizia Sku ya Mangaseti. MRussia Achunishwa Skuma

Bowgaw caught up in another scam :D:D:D:D


gold is an est. 4mil ksh per kilo. …100 kilos ingekuwa 400m. …hawa walifaa kuoshwa tu

Most likely conned by Nigerians, kuna mwingine aliwachwa kwa hoteli na some Ghanaian woman, guy accumulated a bill of 1.8m, the hotel had to cut it’s loses and let the guy go

Steve Mbogo don’t mess with Russian mafia

hehe soma siasa ya Kenya vizuri. Steve Mbogo has the perfect CV for parliament and later on even governor!! Angalia Sonko, angalia Babu Owino, angalia Joho, angalia that Nairobi M.P who goes to state house in slippers…

Right now Steve Mbogo is doing everything he needs to do to remain relevant. Hivo ndio iko siku hizi. Actually that’s how it’s always been since the days of mzungu colonialist. We are impressed by money.

That’s what the voter likes. The young voter today likes a guy who does anything and everything to be rich and who dresses like them…

And maybe there’s no Russian at all… hii ni fable tu.

I’m certain he’s paying Cyprian Nyakundi to “fight” him.

In January 2017 if someone had said Babu Owino will one day be in parliament, mngecheka sana. Fast foward to 2019… your next governor… maybe even your future president.

The guy even showed up at a terrorist attack scene…

Mnadhani alitokea tu fwaaa? Hajui chenye anafanya? Why didn’t the cops chase him away or arrest him???

At the right time, on the right podium you Kenyans will cheer for this brave soldier who came to rescue you at Dusit. Ni mtetezi wa wanyonge kama sonko man.

Sonko had rings on his fingers and ear rings but now you rarely see them. That was the way in. That was the play book. Kulala kwa barabara ati fighting for the poor.