Kuachwa kwa Mataa

I have always insisted that the Daily nation is a gutter chieth. Since when did " kuachwa kwa mataa" become an English phrase. just read the passage below the Heading


Tuendelee kufunga nyama.

Githeri media

Na ujinga zingine Kama hizi…
Everyone knows hii Kunguru ilikula doo, I’ll bet even my cat knows. Effing chieth gueno smh

Women leaderships ? Governor incite locals to burn charcoal lorries and now this !

If you think Nation is crap just go through articles on SDE and you will cry.

where can I get soft copy of tuesday’s standard newspaper? Can someone send it to me

this is why i dont read newspapers…i wonder watu ununua wasome nini?

Matangazo ya vifo