Kuachwa during xmas

Elders i need your advice…my wife left with my 2 boys during Xmas due to my coming home late and some infidelity claims she saw in my chats…but shd a man be put tor curfews on home arrival time esp mtu wa biz… Drinking here at greenspot and i am thinking ama marriage is not for all men…

she cares about you and your kids.

What this means is that your wife has been controlling you or wants the control. Search are the women who want to dominate men because they have been brainwashed by feminist ideas. It is up to you to give her the control of you or deny it but when you give her it, utalilia chooni for the rest of your life

My advice: Relax, enjoy yourself, do not be in a hurry to go after her at all, take all your time building yourself and if its a pussy, there are many out here. She will get tired hitting the road, let her get tired completely as you show no signs of being in an hurry. Then she will drag her feet back in the house to ask you your plan, tell her you have no plan. She will get tired hitting the road then she will come back herself same way she went. Here you have won. Go after her, you will loose for she will come with rules commands disrespect dictating you, inlaws and family, etc na mwanaume utalia because ata tissue utaambiwa utatumia how many pieces per day

Either her friends or inlaws have lied to her…it happens! Enjoy yourself now - have a blast

Ukiona Bibi amefika hio level ako na guts ya kutoka na watoi na Hana concrete evidence ya infidelity . hapo Ni madharau anakuonyesha na she was looking for an excuse na most likely amekuwa akitombwa huko njee.

Tafuta exit plan yako coz hio Ni Swara ulioa

Kwanza,pole sana.Secondly,do not, and I repeat,do not go after her.She is trying to have you on a very tight tight leash.Ukimwendea utapewa conditions zingine serious, hata utaambiwa ikifika 6pm kama hujakuja home ulale mahali uko.
Uta lose respect kwa ma in laws,kwanza utapata hao ndio wanamchocha.
Wewe endelea na life, focus kwa biz,kama ni pussy unataka mangoko ni mob,atawashwa sana kwa nini humtafuti.Asiporudi wewe mive on tu,watoto mnaeza agree on co-parenting.Usimwendee.Kumwendea ni beta Male characteristic.

Vile uwesmakendeste amesema hapo juu

Maze mama watoi akienda change padlock hapo hapo. Atakuja na hao watoi akite kambi kwa ofisi. Believe me, ata usijisumbue kuwafuata

Boss si wewe ndio ile ndume hungoja bibi aende job asubuhi ndio uwashe bangi? Not your space.

:D:D:D:D:D…If the kids are yours ,support them ,then kujia form ya kujion Mgtow and enjoy life as a bachelor.

Schools are about to be opened, sit tight, ako karibu kuanza masimu za watoto walipiwe school fees. That’s where you tell her you will pay for their fees only if they are at your home, na umwambie anaeza wacha watoi aendeleh na maisha yake

E-umbwa hii comment yako ni kama umefikiria na kikisiii

Vitu kama hizi ndio hufanya nijipate strip club bila stress, saa hizi my beighbor a guy with a family of one analia kama huyu msee, his mother inlaw akipress button ya itisha mbesha hahaha jamaa hubaki na loans

https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/briffault’s-law-the-female-not-the-male-determines-all-the-conditions-of-the-animal-family-where-the-female-can-derive-no-benefit-from-association.92454/ . Read this slowly and comprehend

Ohh the kind of advise men give, huku utapotea. Your marrige is unique and only you who understands it well. How were you when you met? What has changed that she feels it is not ok? Your wife is not a kunguru you pick fcuk and go, you are one now. Just like a mother and child are spiritually connected so are you. She can bring good and bad omen in your life. Hio biashara inaweza filisika if she in any way contributed in any way to its coming to be and flourishing. Offer leadership, not chest thumping who is more powerful than the other. Let the prosperity of your bizness bring you closer but not the other way round.

Go on and have fun while it lasts. Its going to be short lived. Bother not with the nitty gritties now. Njaanuary will be the hour of reckoning…

Thank you elders for the advice…my take on the above…if a woman leaves her home without being chased and she is being provided for then as a man you shd not go for her…for my peace of mind i am willing to do co-parenting for the near future till she gets back to her senses…if she does come back the ground rules will be different:
1.) No curfew on the time i shd come back home
2.) To be allowed to marry 2 wives so long as i can provide for both to avoid clandestine activities and other post funeral embarassments
3.) No disrespect to be tolerated like leavn with my boys or raising voice

Pray may I asketh…what does she get in return from you her spouse?

It’s either she feels guilty about something she did or she wants to create drama to gain more power in your marriage.

Kweli we ni umbwa tu kama akina @Mpenda

1.)Stability to raise kids 2.)Security 3.)Love 4.)Financial 5.) Sexual