Kuacha dame na Bill restaurant

Once in a while utapatana na dame ako na attitude ingine ya ajabu
Combine this with secret ingredients of bad timing na bad moods
Boyshaud kwisha

Note in this thread we are NOT talking about fat ugly ghels (cough @pse…/@chl)

Nothing u can do can please her
Nakumbuka tu time ingine nilikua nimechelewa kidogo. I found a very angry woman kwa restaurant
Every single word that came from her mouth was a complaint
Sasa in the process of pleasing her nikamwitia supper
Mimi Nikaitisha chai… (Ukiitisha soda u look cheap as FERKKK!)

This did not seem to help the situation coz she deflected her anger from me towards the waitress
She was loud… The waitress was sassy
Ikafika point waitress na dame wote wananiangalia waiting for me to take action
Niliendelea kukunywa chai porepore bila kusumbua

I would have tolerated all this nonsense and more but the deal breaker came when she said this
Sasa mimi nimenunua ma milk shake, waru, na the kuku mob hadi za take away alafu nirudi mtaani na blue balls?

Being very young na 0 exp ya kurukana i had to think fast
Nikaambia dame niko na cash mcoopcash.
Dumb bitch didnt even know what that was, alifikiria nimeenda kuwithdraw.
Nikaamka nikatoka nikaenda and nobody ever stopped me

Utaambiwa na @TrumanCapote that she was vulnerable and her outbursts was a self defense mechanism! The correct procedure would have been to book her in a five star hotel, pamper her with exotic drinks and cuisine, ferry her in a different Uber from yours, pay all the bills then go home …a simple kiss on the cheek would be instant date rape and her coming to the agreed venue would be interpreted as being naive coz of the age ! Thank God you dodged a live bullet! Seven blessings

Under 18 ungekuwa na bidii na maakini on important matters as you are on promiscuity you would be very far in life. Very,very,very far.

These here be broke ass people problems that I know nothing about so I cunt relate. The only time I had such a problem was when my cousin took me to the HardRock Cafe, it used to be on Barclays Plaza that was a mighty long time back and the swipe machine jammed and the cash we had was less so ilibidi one of us aende ATM. Here is a photo. Sisi enzi zetu we dint used to go to funny funny places.The place was the bomb.It had a pink Cadillac hanging from the roof. Go to decent places so that even if you lose your wallet they can hold on to your id instead of asking you to chonga viazi.


Say no more!

I dint like CBD because of parking problems. So yes, she is the one who took me , I dont like CBD, once my fren called me to bail him out after he gave the waiter 1000 bob and the guy came back saying it was fake then they wanted 3k not call the cops on him, nililand ka rambo I was like , call the police,call them, we are not paying even an extra cent - wanafikiria wanacheza na nani - so I was like why do you go to tao places its even a security risk you could be drugged ! They like that trick and another of saying you gave them less money and causing a furore ndio utoe pesa - my fren walijua mimi ni mama yao - the scene I caused , hata huyo waiter alistuka . But btw why ask someone out to a place you dont have the money for? Si you just go to a park like Aboretum? Men of nowadays are funny. Then unatoroka? People who are raised poorly. If you ask someone out. YOU PAY. Even if they insist to pay half , its an insult to your pride to let your guest,at your request no less, PAY. What about after umefanya vituko kama hizo then one day you end up with this person’s sister or you end up working for their dad. In life dont be myopic. The world is a very small place.

U don’t know half the story


Alpaha male in the making, that was?

Under23 sic…I have preached this message to my ngeos for the last 50,000 years. Message is never efaaaaaaa end go to a date bila pesa mfukoni and always order what your pocket allows hata kama ni ushuru. And always have a plan of how you will hop it home kikiumana. Nothing priceless like the look on a guy’s face when you also open your handbag and wekelea something! I so luuuuuurve’d’ it and also nikiboeka naji-remove politely without asking for a hike home.

@$ho$ho bado unadate?

So on that day, what you did on our date was well planned in advance sindio. Mungu anakuona tu …

No you’re not getting it, he had the money but was only willing to pay if she went home with him. Tofauti ya hii na prostitution ni nini exactly? Just go pick up a prostitute badala kusumbua watoto wa wenyewe.

Why should you wekelea something ? Kwani he was inviting you for a mchango ? Kenyan women like you ndio mumeharibu hawa wanaume. As in HOW??? No self respecting person be they male or female will expect you to pay when they initiated the meeting and probably picked the place, not even a business associate or a sibling or a friend. Ive noticed many Kenyans are not well bred. Like one time I was in a foreign city with a friend and someone lent us their apartment as they were on leave n had travelled back home to Kenya, so I noticed that my fren bought exactly what she needed and not an iota more. So on the last day we were there, I did an inventory of everything missing and I went and stocked the house before we left. My pal was like why are you doing that? Her employee even gives her allowance for household expenses and have put her up in this furnished apartment. I was like its not about the money, its the gesture that counts , its just how I was raised, that anything contrary is a sign of poor breeding and lack of class, how do you leave a house the way you found it, let your presence be felt. I had to offer her a token of appreciation. Ndio nisimwachie baraka zote.Same for anyone visiting or someone you visit, they shouldnt leave as they came or as you found them if its you visiting. When she came back she was so happy and told me she’s hosted enuff Kenyans none have ever done that for her. If Jesus Himself wanted gratitude from those He healed , how much more a human being?

Anyway,back to the topic at hand, because somebody asked you out on a date or a meeting they MUST pay, unless there’s a problem paying or even offering to pay when its them who initiated the date or meet up, is a sign that you dont value your presence and time so you can just pay for dates somebody else initiated to show that you can pay your own way. It just sends out the wrong message, that you dont have standards. It also emasculates the man. If somebody asks you out , ITS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY. Once you start opening your handbag , you set a very dangerous precedent where even later you will be the one paying for everything and wondering why the man cant step up to the plate and be the man of the house yet ni wewe ulimfunza hio tabia .Ive seen this type of attitude in women who ended up being misused , then the same,same guy meets another woman who expects the man to take responsibility from the beginning even the man feels like a real man and after that training makes a great father because you showed you dont expect less than him taking responsibility for what he started.Paying is bad for you and bad for the guy too.If you initiated pay, if not dont. Simple . Then we wont see the irresponsibility we see all over nowadays.

Last but not least,the guy paying for the date, is expected , and it doesnt mean you cant leave at your own pleasure or displeasure. Just catch an uber. Your money should be for emergency only. You owe nobody anything including kissing, seating thru the date let alone sex.And you better be clear from the get go that you never go out with men who take you out with ulterior motives and strings attached to the date because you are not a prostitute and he did not solicit you for your services because such people just dont respect women and they want to degrade you as a woman by making you pay for a date that they initiated.

I give it to you Grace msalame ! Weuh ! Hizi reply zako wewe huweka ukiwa weed, veve ama makali? They are too long and in prose! Seven blessings the pea memory in my skull imejaa leo, lets do it again tomorrow

Your pea brain is the one that’s full. I will be up till 3 Am doing my school work. I am only just beginning my night.

But I had already said it was full! No need for that upper cut! Seven blessings siz!


Shosho anajaribu kutuvako hapa that she can still compete with tight nubile 21-year-olds in walking away from dates…what dates to begin with? Hohohoho…u wish

Did you not note I said ’ I luuuurved’. In the past duh? and if I find myself on the dating scene again…pesa kwa mfiko.

Hi nitasoma later…my team is just about to meet Tottenham…