KTN NEWS, and the gay agenda

This is perhaps the proof that this issue is getting into the public discourse



Shida iko wapi? Why should you lose sleep because of what other people are doing in their bedroom. The more homosexuals there are the more single mothers out there for any fisi

After @The Penguin kupigwo mkweju pare equatorial region ukatokelezea na hii? Kweli Bingwa ni bingwa

nope, my alternative handle imebaniwa, after penguin kubaniwa

nimekufa tena


I think gayism is a gene hardly imprinted on some pple… Its like a mac address

@Bingwa Scrotum, how I wish I had high levels of energy like you. Tupe diet yako kizee.

moto iko wapi…huyu jamaa akule tyre

Hapo umenena!

You give a nice example. But alas, your reasoning makes it disgusting.