Ktn boy with accent

most talkers are bitter individuals na sijui kwa nini just try to contradict gasui uone vile utatukanwa

Ata Linda N-yangweso akue serious she has a fake accent

Some people here have mental issues. They can’t comprehend sarcasm.

You mean gashui ka nguku?

Trusay. I struggle when speaking to the Geordies and others.

Ukweli and some are just looking for likes

Where livest thou madam?


Hahahaha. Nitamjaribu one of dem days.

In between Central and South London.



Nyinyi watu hamjaskia Capital FM Hits not Homework, there is a lady there simjui jina with a very heavy forced American Accent you cant get what she says sometimes

@Flummox is what you were aiming for for you handle I presume? Ghasear tucker tucker! nyinyi ndo watu hu ni mix up na vocabulary yangu

huyo @gashwin asikutishe ni idler mafiii in everyones eyes