Ktalkers! We are One Divided by Zero!

Guys!! I know i am a kid. so mukiniona napost kuhusu mambo na bizna za bitcoins, masurvey, free lancing and the others. Musinichukulie vibaya ama musinione niko possesed to get easy money. Niko form 4. it just that i am trying to be innovative. i am trying to make a future for myself. Siezi kubeba magunia, najaribu kutake advantage of what i know and my experience, so that i can stand by myself. Nitoe idea, ama mtu mwengine atoe. mmoja alike hiyo idea, mmoja acontribute more on the idea, we analyse the idea, we finilise the idea. we might come up with something useful and helpful. guys thats how great people start.!! They start with an idea. They end with something profitable.!! verything great, every great bussiness, they all started from an idea or an opinion. I beleive also Ktalk ilikuja kama idea kwa @admin. The idea was good for him, he decided to Go for it!! This is What Ktalk is all about.!! So guys let be with each other not into each other.!! who knows what can happen.!! We are not enemiez guys!!
@admin alitengeza hii Forum so that ideas, views and opinions from different people zi meet at one place.
@admin I salute you man!!


And we are older. Hizo vitu ukiona unakanywa jua wanokukanya wamepitia hayo tiyari kwa hivyo wana ujuzi. Hakuna anayekutakia mabaya ama anayekuonea wivu. Saa hizi ukiwa kidato la nne achana na mambo ya pesa. Nenda shule ukasome. Ukimaliza mtihani wako wa mwisho rudi utapewa mawaidha mema


Haha!! This is my life. kwanzia class 7. i have always been concerned kuhusu mambo ya IT. shule nasoma na huku pia niko. that how it has been going since 2011.

Uko shule na tayari unajiita RAS. U are a future makanga


Ktalk didn’t start with an idea. It took advantage of our dead hero.


You have a good start

Also as you talk about cryptocurrency such as bitcoins also look at the regulatory environmnt that surrounds it to know if its viable, CBK says it doesnt recognize bitcoins as legitimate currency meaning its dead in the water so move on to other things

Its good to have ambition but if I were you, I would run back to class and try to Improve on my academics… Especially on the English subject.


You can still nurture your dreams while working hard in school, it is possible to juggle.

If you become a Village Elder, while definitely you are not, then unfortunately as internet dictates you will be a flaw. Happens in real life too.
Soma na bidii kijana mdogo, wachana na pesa

There is a time for everything. Now is your time to get some education and learn.
(note sijasema usome utafute kazi)

I had this high school friend sometime back, thou a class behind. He had passion in comps and it stuff which most high schools don’t offer to a satisfactory level.

He cleared in 2011 and guess what, by 2012 had his own company. Something do with domain hosting etc. At 20 he was handling 6 figure “salary”. No further education he pursued, just passion. Right now he has another company, and a millionaire.

So @Ras-Moat advice is good, but you only take ile inakufaa. So you do as your heart desires. Something big might come out of it. Maybe lessons pia and that’s how you grow in life. From your own experiences, not other people’s.

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:D:D:D:D maliza shule kwanza and go to uni halafu ukuje

your maths teacher will be disappointed u have invented a way of dividing a number by zero before Albert Einstein. Don’t get ahead of yourself kiddo. it’s indeterminate


Don’t believe everything you read or hear…kama you were not there when he was handling millions, wachana na millioni za wengine…I have come to learn then in this here city…kuna Steve Mbogo wengi sana…including some close friends of mine…Mtu anakudanganya live without batting an eyelid…na huyo ni mwenye najua personally


as for you @Ras-Moat concentrate on your studies…ukidharau masomo utakuja kujuta mengi ya hii dunia

Wale wanaosema masomo.!! to you guys masomo ni nini/? and what is the purpose of education according to you guys/?

Nilishaangalia kitambo. i know all advantages and disadvantages of it.!! hii bizna sibahatishi, najua kenye nafanya. it not my first time kufanya hii bizna. nilikwama coz paypal needs me to add a credit card na nimenyaka id yangu jana. ndo nichukue nakumatt global card bizna yangu iendelee.!!
guys just look at this site www.paxful.com alafu muniambie kama hao wasee hawapati kitu/?

Great people never come up with ideas, they con people who have invested in ideas stolen from poor individuals(original idea source).

I mean, you have idea and you can’t work on it- you are poor, you want to improve on it but keeps fucking up- thanks for trying, then comes the Donald trump who buys the shit, gives it royal lipstick and fake name and he is the GREAT MAN… Am i still making sense?