KTalkers Love BullShit

In the 5 months I’ve been a member of this fucked up forum and rising from V to SV in a short 2 months I’ve come to realise that:
KTalkers are a bunch of anonymous people that are so much into BS. I’ve received more likes for my BS posts than for the posts that evoke the thought process. Klisters love it when you post some BS about UK, WSR or Rao but not when you engage them in a though-provoking topic on the economic situation in the country. Led by General @Mathaais and his partner in crime Lieutenant @uwesmake , most KTalkers just prefer to read some shit about @Mworia Wameru fucking some hoe (as with the avatar) or some tribal nonsense that fuels their adrenaline. Meanwhile @GeorginaMakena will post some endless YouTube videos and copy paste articles from the Internet in a vain attempt to look smart. I’m not complaining for I have provided fodder for their mindless heads many a times and will continue to do so so that they can go to bed happy every damn night. All I’m saying is that depending on what you want from this forum you must know how to get it:
[li]If you want likes, post BS preferably in the News & Politics, General or Sex & Relationships sections. [/li][li]If you want to post a reasoned article and keep away the uwesmakes and Maathais of this forum and also not get likes, post that article under the Technology or Business sections.[/li][/ol]
Trust you me I’ve been in these dungeons long enough to know.

With that out of the way we must still fuck fuck and fuck again. Remember to shower after fucking a hoe.

My name is Mworia from the County that is home of Mount Kenya and I endorse this message.

Najua sasa unangoja like juu ya hii bullshit…hupati ngo!

hapo kwa george makende very true, hauwezi kuwa unacopy paste kila wakati na kuweka malink za youtube then unajifanya smart. mtu anipe adress yake nikamue mkia

O.k Mworia Meruensis. Now we know.

From which part of the county are you specifically? asking for Linturi.

I don’t like being tagged in a boolshiet article and to make it worse…twice??

aki woiyee umekwama kwa SV sana. wacha nikupe “like” upande cheo angalau

Alot of us are here for the BS.


I would like to propose the K-Talk theory of BS. It states that at any tine a Ktalker reads BS on Ktalk, then reads serious news, his mental faculties are challenged to the point of not recognising reality. Cognitive dissonance and ambivalence are terms used by psychologists to refer to the mental condition where a person holds two conflicting ideas. However, Ktalk theory of BS is different in that when one reads a serious story after a Ktalk BS, one experiences a high equivalent to one roll of bhang. In effect, all Ktalkers are usually high and are recognisable by a self satisfied grin at all times.

@Mosa transitioned from a NV to SV in a record 2 weeks.I have always known ktalkers are unfair to him.It took you 2 months then you don’t have enough bulshit

Ya man

Likes do t mean shit.ukitaka hio maneno enda ile kijiji ya wazungu ya instagramu.likes ? Really? Thats the beef?


Unalaani umeffi na bado unapost umeffi at the same time. Wewe tukufanye nini jameni?

Ni ukweli but makosa yako ni kuvalue information baded on likes instead of relevance. You have fallen for the ‘likes’ trap.