Ktalkers let's do a weekend retreat

You’re free to suggest team-building events. [ATTACH=full]439925[/ATTACH]




Says the village homosexual.

Una oga kwa mto kidogo kidogo[ATTACH=full]439936[/ATTACH]


Boi what the hell boi

Mumbi umerudi

It’s a South African event, quite expensive though 2500 Rand is about Kshs 18,000


What is there to be enlightened about? Ama its a ngay boot camp m

It’s meant to challenge body dysphoria


wrong person. Mumbi ata rudi day moja tho

It’s bromance, the straights have fewer hang-ups about their orientation down South

Kungekuwa na madem i would have thought about it. Siwezi mind kwenda nudist beach. Been to an all nude sauna kule Germany. Niliosha mecho kama fakin.

Unataka kutubaka wewe shoga mkuu?


Germany is low key soddom and gomorrah na watu hua hawajui.
Yea, it’s one place where nudity isn’t a big deal. Unaingia changing room ya swimming pool and everyone’s wiener is hanging out. Prostitution is everywhere. Nudist clubs. Swinger clubs. Fuck and drink all you can clubs. You name it it’s available. Unaingia bar kuna slot machine ya pocket pussy ama condoms kwa urinals. The only country that’s more soddom and gomorrah that I can think of is Denmark.

Next summer naenda Berlin walai. This is encouraging. Na Netherlands je? They have legal prostitution and they were the first country in the world to legalize g.ay marriage.

I’m not a big fan of the Netherlands but it’s a cool place. The cops are aggressive and Netherlands has a high crime rate (in comparison to Germany but low in comparison to the rest of the world). I had forgotten what theft is, until my phone was stolen in Amsterdam or Entschede can’t remember clearly.

You’ll enjoy Berlin, it’s run down and poor so your dollars will go a long way there. Food is cheap, alcohol is cheap, sex is cheap. Berlin’s motto is “poor but sexy”. It’s the wildest city in Germany. Berlin has a club called Berghain that’s something of a tourist attraction. It remains open nonstop from Friday to Monday and turns a blind eye to drug use and public sex. Enjoy the Doners, Bratwurst, Currywurst and get used to people walking around with beer bottles in their hands and random strangers approaching you offering weed.

Hapa si utafunguliwa boot?