KTalkers hate bullshit

In the 5 months I’ve been a member of this fucked up forum and rising from V to SV in a short 2 months I’ve come to realise that:
KTalkers are a bunch of anonymous people that hate BS. I’ve received less likes for my BS posts than for my posts that provoke the thought process. Ktalkers love it when you engage them, for example, in a thought-provoking topic on the economic situation in the country. Led by General @Mathaais and his partner in crime Lieutenant @uwesmake , most KTalkers don’t want to read some shit about @Mworia Wameru fucking some hoe or some tribal nonsense. I have enough fodder for your minds so that you can go to bed happy every damn night. All I’m saying is that depending on what you want from this forum you must know how to get it:
If you don’t want likes, post BS.
If you want likes, post a reasoned article and one that makes KTalkers engage in a reasoned discussion.
Trust you me I’ve been in these dungeons long enough to know.

With that out of the way we must still bang these willing bitches and they must suck our dicks.

My name is Mworia from the County that is home of Mount Kenya and I endorse this message.

Hii stuff si ulipost jana mzae, ama haikuget enough likes ukaamue uifanyie renovation iwe more appealing??

nimekupea like

The truth is really a matter of perception, it seems. What was true yesterday may become untrue today

Desperate for attention?? You keep posting stupid threads and you uploaded this exact thread 2 days ago.

Correction: The post that is contradictory to this one was posted barely 20 hours before this one. I don’t need to court attention, attention courts me.

Umeffi thread. Unaambia talkers wat they are yet tunajua. Hii ni kukosa kazi ama?

I am in the fastest made V.E …i took just 5 days