Ktalkers are sexually frustrated

Everytime I post something I get abused by some people for no reason. I think it’s a sign of dryspell or some kind of sexual frustration

Wapi evidence mkubwa?

enda retire kwa kijiji ya wazee
huku unapigwa teke ya meno baadaya kupigwa sweep na hakuna kitu utado

Uku ukikaa ivi ivi ni teke kwa meno.

Stop whinning

Enda Senate where fragile egos hide behind passive aggressive civility and selective deleting of comments. Hapa KTalk ni kama remand. We slap you around a bit to see what you’re made of. If you are a big softie like @BBIsiMuhimu we will troll you non stop and you will slowly lose your mind coming up with elaborate theories to explain why everyone shits on you. Some Talkers might take the game too far, but they’re just words. They don’t mean anything unless you let them.

Case closed.

Ktalk hatupendi ujinga because hakuna mamako hapa. We live on the realistic lane of life. No pretense whatsoever

TALKERS wacheni kutusi watu tafasali

Never be a pussy!

Don’t worry about that ,most of these guys who comment nonsense can’t say those thing to your face in real life that’s why they prefer to hide behind a keyboard and write trash.Dont be surprised in real life ni wapole sana lakini online msee anaona yeye ni ndume lmao

Nyamazisha bakuli mcoonduo.

:meffi::meffi: Eat dog shit.

We @ricclaire kwani unanyesha?

Captain shoga don’t hate me because you wasted your life creating handles to troll forums. Frustrations pelekea nyukwa