KTalkers are obsessed with homosexuality

One can’t post here without getting the word ‘GAY’ in the comments. No matter how heterosexual the post is some misguided KTalker (and they are many) will find a way to make the post about homosexuality. That shit sucks. I’m homophobic and if I fuck ass it will be a beautiful woman’s ass.
Perhaps if u can’t read a post and comment without saying ‘GAY’ you should probably reexamine your sexual orientation.

Meanwhile let’s have sex, good heterosexual sex (though I’m not against lesbianism). But let no man fuck or get fucked by another man. It’s bloody disgusting.



Word. I have also noticed most talkers are extremely homoerotic.



dicking a chic in the ass, dicking a guy in the ass, what’s the feeling difference? Gaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!

Super gay.

Wouldn’t know cos I, unlike you have never dicked or been dicked by a man. You could ask the same shit ass question about blowjobs and the answer would probably be the same but then would you let another man give you a blowjob?


This is something I do not get. We may all have our opinions on homosexuality esp when it comes to men…The weird thing is that most men are ok with lesbianism and we enjoy watching it.

Are you one of those that enjoy seeing women go at it with each other? I know I am.



Yes I am.

gay maafaka jifire na kidole kisha unuse

Have you now? :D:D:D

Very gay


“Mkia ya dame ni swaf”- mhenga TLS 1876