KTalkers and their names

I’ve been noticing some names on this forum and I can’t help but be impressed, disgusted and amused all at the same time. The creativity (or lack thereof) of Ktalkers with their names here is downright interesting. Lemme single out some of those names that have just fazed me.

@kyuktothecore - an absolutely tribal name that was probably politically inspired.
@123tokambio, @1234, @1234kev, @123sticky - These are just guys who lacked any creativity
@Nongwe - means stupid therefore a strange alias but then again he knows his mental capacity levels
@Mrs Shosho - an old woman. Seriously?
@kush yule mnono - the fat guy named Kuria
@Dennismpenda nurse - perhaps a perverted doctor?
@Electronics4u - hawker wa bulbs
@veved - My guy came up with this alias when he was high on khat or mùgùka
@uwesmake, @UwesmakeJnr, @Uwesmakeress - probably the same person or the guy made his entire family join him here. But he’s telling us he’s the real OG and you can’t beat him, huwezimake.
@General Specific, @Kijana mzee - oxymoron guys
@mtu chuma - Man, why is your dick always erect?
Then there’s @tall mnyama everywhere who is basically telling Ktalkers that he is well endowed.
@Bingwa Scrotum - who is trying to tell us that he has an award winning scrotum or he is an award winning scrotum. I think the later makes more sense.
@Tom Bayeye - read Tomba yeye who just wants to fuck her, nothing else.
@Tom Barasa - Certified anal invader. You have to stay away from this guy if you are a man.

Basically Ktalkers names range from the weird straight to the basic and uninspiring, the fascinating and the unimaginative but interesting all around.

Now, whether you are tall everywhere or you are just a nongwe, whether you like pussy in general or you love very specific pussy, whether you are a kijana or a mzee and whether you have an account for your whole family here you are still entitled to fuck and fuck you must. So my country people, would you be kind enough to lend your pussy to that dick in distress and vice versa? Thanks

Jinga sana

10 points! kundu la nyati

I thought ni kitu ya maana

@tall mnyama everywhere , :D:D:D:D:D:D hii handle huni jazz sanaaa i always laugh nikiiona

another oxymoron ni @VictorTheLoser :D:D


huni jazz is a word for females and faggotrism.



Amazing @tombayeye hayuko

umbwa rudi WAKANDA utombwe anus

This is so stupid even @Nongwe wouldn’t support


:D:D:D:D:Dmy name speaks for itself:D:D:D:D:D:D

nimewacha bibi yko huko na mimba yetu

niaje @Female Perspective

Muoria yes I am old as old as the hills:D but my Kush is not fat yoo.

sipendi hii jina mupyaaa

Don’t mind it. My friends are not taking it. But I like it!

nimesema sipendi look for a sexy name ama nikukamue maskio