Why do talkers here hate marriage that much? I mean most of us came into being by virtue that a man and a woman had a union. Is marriage really that bad as some of you put it? Does it really take away the freedoms you so much advocate/PURPORT TO ENJOY AS MGTOW? Someone aptly put it here some day, a lot of this MGTOW brigade cum FEMINAZI/SINGLE/INDEPENDENT women have so much personal and emotional baggage to see behind the walls they have put around themselves.

Only homosexuals like @administrator @T.Vercetti and MGTOW brigade hate the family unit. We love wives soo much

Napenda malanye kushinda mabibi

I think you should treat it as a heads up, so when you get into it you know what to expect. 21 years and counting kuna challenges lakini marriage is a good thing.

monoballer niaje? Its funny how u think that marriage is a good thing yet half of your kids are bastards

I heard you have one ball

If he’s managed 21 years with one ball, sembuse wewe na mbili…


Mwezi bado fresh bana. Ngoja tufike hata 6th huko ndio uje na molotov cocktail.

:D:D:D Stop digressing

Nilikuwa narudisha thread kwa tracks… Hujaona hapo ilikua mijaluo ishanyoa reli…

Talkers who hate marriage are obviously faggots. Unless one was previously married and then divorced or separated due to one reason or the other.

What’s a benefit of marriage that you can not get outside marriage?


@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii is a faggot #FACT


filing taxes Jointly

For most people at most income levels the tax advantages of marriage range from miniscule to non-existent.

Expound on this. I’m marrying someone to inherit her property?

I told u last time that u have feaces between your ears and you continue proving me right. Since 2015 unangojea threads za watu uende ukojoe hapo waiting for ‘comebacks’ like the retarded idiot you are. Muzee jiheshimu.

It is a beautiful thing if you find the right person. It can be hell on earth if one partner is a bully. I adore our children knowing that they are a product of our union. I also love the fact that we share our problems.