Ktalker gets jumped by 3 lanyez for not paying for BJ services for 3rd time in a row

Hahaha which elder is this?



How unfit do you have to be for 3 fat whores to catch up with you and whoop ur arse ! vijana wa siku hizi by 11 your smoking weed and vaping , he has the lung capacity of a small bird with TB !

Ama after nutting magoti zili isha grease !



Hata US jamaa hawalipi :D:D kumbe hii kitu ni world wide si Kenya pekee.

lanyes are not your average females… utapigwo

Mtu afanye check up on yule jamaa wa fixed price 150. :D:D:D

I got that shit on high definition. I got that shit on high definition mehn… American bonobos are naturally funny

Kfc, pizza na sisha imemaliza hawa vijana

Ghaseeer hata kukimbia ni tafash:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

:D:D:D:D:D yani vile hao wamama wamenona bado waliweza kushika yeye haraka


Alilipa each 50 angekua sawa

Kumbe umalaya makes you that weak? :D:D wanaume wamjipendi

Papa Khulichy kuchako

Don’t blame him. He weighs 34 kgs and was running against the wind direction.

Watu wapende gym.

:D:D:Dhawa Malaya akata Wana hasira kali!

We also dont blame your lack of focus

It will be a long day in hell before nifukuswe na kushikwa na wamama wanono kama hao. What was the fucker thinking running like a little bitch with TB kwa lungs? Hata wangemuua tuu. It would have been awesome.