Ktalk, You Be the Jury - the death penalty or not?

The prosecution contends that many a night the accused, an adult feline owned by an unlikable Jaruo neiba, has sneaked into our house and left that pungent smell that cats do when they mark their territory.

The prosecution further contends that during these forays, the said feline has left a trail of destruction, and also stolen anything remotely associated with animal protein including but not limited to meats, eggs and even left overs.

Further, the prosecution in addition says that on particular nights, the accused feline is predisposed to making such a din as to make everybody within a radius of 200 metres irritable and sleepless. The noise, which seems to atract strays from as far as Kibera, becomes extremely loud when the mating season is come.

Given the forgoing the Chief Prosecutor, Madam Mzima, ably assisted by Phil and the Magomano Lunchtime Kid, have asked for a covert and surreptitious death penalty using panadol ingestion.

What say you, the jury?

Hama Nairobi urudi ocha. Problem solved


Depends on whether the neighbour is hot and can put it on the head or not

how do you plan to administer the said analgesic?

wazee wenzako wamekaa Karen country club wakipanga vile wata convince Magufuli awapatie tender ya kuunda electric railway line na wewe unaangalia makende ukitusumbua kwa kijiji . MUZEE MIJINGA

unasema nini

with a father like you, hakuna vile @Mzee mzima angepukana kwenda kudara mawaiter mikia

Early man @FieldMarshal CouchP , you have done it before…Do it again…Am just hoping that the cat belongs to Mama Dan…the one with a bouyant tush.