Ktalk, What you mutated to??

If not some random loser seeking validation here by posting radon women from tagged probably (wangapi tumesalimiana) it’s some sucker discussing ‘wall’, beta and alpha. What’s your ambition in life sons? Payslips? Is that’s?? ohh and and title deeds. Is that all there is in life?? Fck the matrix

The matrix simply makes mediocrity acceptable

If ur hanging out with ur pals mnajibamba or you just find them engaged in a discussion/convo which you dont like, si una-change story?
ama unawaambia “majamaa si baadaye” and then you excuse yourself?
Anyway Bro, we pia unataka kusalimiana? :slight_smile:

Kaa na mama yako .


Ni uzee inakusubua. I remember almost a decade ago how I found klist, i saw a sexy photo in google search of some university students. I followed the link to read the story and that how I discovered klist.The photos had been posted by trollface, i used to enjoy his post and I rarely posted anything. Nowadays those post are a nuisance but I understand I used to like them, is a stage. Soon maybe i will just disappear like kush, supu don etc

Just proceed to the sections that make sense to you or block the talkers you feel add zero value to you.