Ktalk villager meets Lillian Muli...Salivates on her succulent boobs


She has very beautiful boobs & an even more beautiful smile. Tho’ ni kunguru tu

Truth be told. Huyu unakamua dry fry pap!!

I just dont like the place between boobs and where the hands end.
But yuko poa.

Ur saying she has a big belly? Yah by the way you may have a point …i think she has a kid


Malaya muzee amechapaa

Siamini no wewe unasema hivyo. Huyu kunguru ni mother culture of all stds

Akitoa hiyo nywele ndio mtalijua jiji

VE are you implying she looks like otile brown?

Akianza broadcast sikuwa najua syllables zote.

Let her suckle her brood in peace alfafa

Two kids I guess