KTalk Upgrade - Write Your Reply...

The reply box in the upgraded site has the words “Write Your Reply…”
For those who are confused, that text is called a “placeholder” - some instructions, if you will. The moment you start typing the placeholder disappears. I noticed some villagers expect to start typing after the ellipsis (…) but the cursor adamantly refuses to move there (because it cannot). So talkers wengine wanaanza kushindwa “hii ni uchawi gani gakii”. Just click and write your reply - ignoe the “Write your reply…”

Write your reply… ati?


You have to be a special type of retarded to not get that.


Those advertisements in between the headlines are B00LSH!T. Admean do something

Write your reply…:smiley:

Alerts: Admean pia rudisha ile ya kupoint then dropdown inatoka instead of ni lazima niclick ndo nione Alerts

na hio ni lugha gani

Why would you even think hatujui? Si ata WhatsApp huwa na hiyo “type a message”? Unabeba watu ufala…

@Meria Mata wakati mwingine Kiingereza kinanipiga chenga braza… but “it kam by chip” - my turn to receive!

Have you not seen the lamentations of some villagers? … jus’ tryin’ a be a good citizen of this here our 'ol village.

I think hao ni watu wa Opera Mini. It loads very static pages so hiyo placeholder huwa inaingia kama part of the text and you have to delete it first.

This explains it.