KTalk Upgrade - View All Threads

The View All Threads page in the old site allowed you to see all new content without going from one category to another. In the new site:

Click the What’s New drop down and select New Posts:


Now quit whining and get with the program!

And how do you view Bookmarks? Hii imeniuma saidi…do this people understand how long it it would take looking for those threads? ?

By Bookmarks do you mean the threads that you are “watching”?

Apana the ones you saved

Exactly, the ones saved for easy retrieval

Ismkundu … What’s new is not the same as All Threads

You’re missing the point.

The ‘New Posts’ button opens threads with recent comments. That means that if at this moment a Talker comments on a thread that was created last year, that thread will appear among the first threads listed under New Posts; because the thread now has a new post (comment) in it.

The former layout, on the other hand, had a button called ‘All Threads’. Under All Threads, the site listed all threads (from all categories) posted in the whole of KenyaTalk, arranged from the newest to the oldest. For example, if a talker created a thread at this moment, then the thread would appear among the first threads under ‘All Threads’. But, if a Talker made (posted) a comment in a thread, that thread would not appear under All Threads because a comment is not a thread.

Further, All Threads offered an option to arrange threads whichever order you wanted: oldest to newest, and vice versa; most to least likes; highest to least comments; etc.

Ona ng’ombe ingine… of course it’s not the same but instead of whining like a little bitch I’ve given an option that takes you halfway there. Serre!!

Chieth maduong!!?when did ktalk change?I am so lost but I will adapt with time.do we av a tutorial?

Kenyans love whining oh boy. I see MoD told them today he is working on things na bado they are clobbering him with rungus demanding haki yao??. Kapish. There is always confusion when this happens. I have lost my rent free online ‘office’, the trusted inbox:mad:partly because there was no warning else I could have filed my stuff elsewhere and also because I did not note the new address I created the day I joined.

Now guys can only call me to confirm it is not a prank as I have been cloned before elsewhere. But all good. Don’t mind starting again.

I have to say though, I have seen great forums collapse after changes like this. Your clients’ voice also matters.


The inbox is still there - though the view is a little different. Click the envelope icon next to your avatar at the top, and then select “Show All”.

Not able to log into my MFW log in at all, the inbox is there but no comms from my end. So have settled into this new one.

@IsMkundu half way there…heri nirudi misri. Its either we are there, or not there at all…