Kuna hii upuzi nimenotice… where every little thing you say is used against you at a later date.

I once jokingly mentioned that I have an eyesight issue. Sasa kuna wengine kati yenu you keep bringing up that issue time and time again, to beat me into submission.

@Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD once mentioned he is a uniballer. Now that small fact is being used as a battering ram against him, everytime he makes a quip.

@purple once divulged that once she noticed her SMV barrelling down the hill, she forced a shagzmondo from nyeri to marry her in exchange for US citizenship. As a result of the small slip of the tongue, you people constantly berated her until the poor girl decided to quit Ktalk.

@Azor Ahai also once, in a state of inebriation, proudly declared that he is a brownskin who beats KDF soldiers kama mandasi, whilst sipping pilsner. Now the poor chokoraa can’t hear the end of it.

Our very own @poyoloko also once tearfully narrated the humiliation he faced after losing his uber job. His own wife told him, “hebu toka nje nivae nguo.” Now the poor wimp is contemplating suicide as a result of the castigation by some members here.

:smiley: Hata @uwesmake alipiga picha ya lunchpack ya muchele na minji lakini hatujai msumbua

@Tauren homosexual rudi utombe mamako kuma itaoza

You also said you are ugly,with bighead that has eyes that look at each other (Kengeza).
Internet never forget

And his mother sells asshole for a glass of changaa

the other day @Nipe Nikusifu expressed his sincere desire to come out of the closet.

This is to assure him that we will never give him peace about that statement. :D:D

Bado pia hatujasahau @uwestakataka akisema aliwai binja mzoga kwa kirabu.

The biggest slip up to date is kimakia

Haujakufa bado?

Si mnipe link ya hiyo story ya @poyoloko. Ni kama ilinipita.

Kimakia alifanya nini.


Unataka kuheshimiana in an anonymous forum?The opposite is nicer, some of us hatuezi tusi mtu live but getting a chance to do so here is overwhelming.

Hakuna link. It’s just made up bullshit by that bottom homosexual @Tauren who sucks his mothers breasts for dinner

Relaaaaaaax,kijiji muzima inajua mimi ni kinyozi wa fudhii pale rwaka…or is it dagoretti ama satelite ama BATUK? I lost the narrative. But i did indeed shave heads in my teens as a side hustle but wacha kijiji ijifurahishe. Huku utakufa na presha ukitake vitu seriously. I know patricia is not geh but his tirades make him sound like one

Huyu ndiye chief bully hapa @PHARMACY amemwekea wanted :D:D

Kwanini unachafulia deejay wetu jina?

Vile @PHARMACY alisema, mama ya @poyoloko anauza kuma chafu 50/ mlolongo

It’s just another day at the office … some nucca’s should take a “chill pill”. Bloody fuckin’ …

Wacha nitafute link. It is somewhere in this forum. They were sharing frustrations with @Kodiaga. So @poyoloko truthfully confessed he lost his uber job and his wife eventually left him. Siku hizi Poyoloko ni @Mnyonga MONKEY. He moved back home and now uses the family soap to jerk off.

His mother sells kuma chafu mlolongo. For 50/