Ktalk titles

Why are talkers so obsessed with ktalk titles?
Dayum ferkers!

Tulikuwa KenyaNiYetu,KenyanList na SAA hizi kTalk. Na hatusumbui.
Boss! Na munauliza hapa eti mfanywe VIP sijui nini!? Now, how does that help?
Kazi ni kuamkia ktalk, kuRant all day n replying to every rant n thread n talk n serious diskashions.
You cnt even miss ktalk in the middle of the night c ur replying to PhD students, ndio wakupe likes.
All in all, ktalk is good for biz.Personally av met 2, na hizo deal ziliiva.

Surely, watu wawache umama.Ati Titles. SHI3ET!

Ktalk is me stress reliever and information gold mine. Other than that I dont know what else niggas are looking for, kama ni title waoe mabibi wapewe title ya head of family.

Ndio unakujanga hapa na mafeelings kama yule mama alipigwa kofi kwa matatu juzi

Unaongea tu kama huyo mama mwenyewe, you and her have something in common

ktalk is actually a nice way to pass time and get to know pples’ opinions on vast ideas.It helps in some posts though, u at times learn more…

interesting thread…ranting about ranting in a rant

Ktalk helps me a lot…it’s very informative so much that nowadays I don’t even watch news coz everything is here. I’ve made friends and enemies here i equal measure.
I also get entertained by crazy villagers with their crazy hekayas.

That is my case as well

I miss kenyanlist. It was the best, but thanks also to kenyatalk because hapa ndipo tulipata our second home, and am always happy being here, I laugh a lot when I read some threads and comments, and also get very informative information, making new online friends, very many of them, some even want to meet me (wakati ukifika tutakutana nao), na matusi pia huwa sijali (hupita na upepo :D:D:D). Let us make it better.

Ama vipi orphans wa Wanderi?

you bit me to it!

mambo vipi my other handle, who wants to meet us?

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D they are knocking my (our) door right now.

Titles muhimu, we’ve dedicated making this place the way it is since January 2015, usituaumbue.

Niaje padre? Uko pande gani ya kenya nikuone?



Nyabinyanga shait

Cheza chini brathe.

sundu meru

Sokwe mtu