Ktalk Sex and Relationships forum is a Punter Forum like Invisible Men

Awhile back I was looking into Child prostitution at the Coast and found a forum where mzungu men would exchange notes about where to go get children for sex at the lowest prices at the Kenyan Coast. The thing that freaked me out completely is how they were discussing the entire sexual experience. Most wanted virgin boys and girls for their sex tourism encounter and they were also recording what they were doing for evidence - effidense ni muhimu? . They were high fiving each other over the child crying, the child’s fear, using the child with no regard. One bragged about using the child for an entire weekend because he had paid the parents. Then they’d ask each other, how much would you pay for this one the way guys on ktalk do exactly utalipia ngapi hii. They’d discuss usually the younger ones were more expensive but maximum was 5k.

Their MO was the same as what I see here. Photos up then asking who has slept with this one and how much did you pay. And advising each other where to meet these kids. It’s very shocking that you can be a human being, you have a mom, a sister, a daughter but you don’t see the kid who you want to molest as someone’s child. You people say I hate men but kusema kweli hell will be highly, highly populated with men.