Ktalk plag

Ile hekaya ya investment ya kibaki na golfing friends iliibiwo sasa iko kwa Nachon gadheti. We @admin tumia hao watu message uwaambiye waache blatant copying.

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Gani hiyo mblo?

Link ya hekaya na link ya neshen tafadhali

ya @Okiya

nation wameonyeshana heading kwa news


He he he he he! You ngaes don’t know the half of it…

@Couch tuerese tafasari

our journalists scroll and troll the net for stories.
no longer do they go out there and get the story.

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That’s what happens when sex is prioritized as qualification, followed by nepotism.


Out where?
Here it’s already out there for those with no access.

This story about transcentury, civicon and kibaki was there on wazua long before @Okiya posted it… I also think okiya is a wazuan.

Yea, am a wazuan since 2010

How come nobody thinks it could be the other way round? Like Okiya could be having early access to DN stories and…wacha tu!


Pia this story was a hot discussion in Ktalk last week and it is now in today’s Saturday Nation.