ktalk photos...

someone help…i noticed most of ktalk photos are in php format…so after downloading my phone can’t open even after renaming using the es file manager they can’t be viewed on the gallery…which format can I convert them to so that I can view them …

You can change the extension from .php to .jpg using windows

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my phone doesn’t support windows…blackberry… but supports android…but even after changing the ex tension from php to Pnp or Jpeg or jpg still they can’t be opened through the gallery…so am wondering what am I doing wrong…

Clear Gallery data,cache,defaults and reboot

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Asante mblo it actually worked…and one more question before you go…am in the mafisi sacco group huko telegram…when using Samsung android phone I can access the group but the same telegram on my BlackBerry inajam it tells me i can’t access the group but other chats ziko sawa…any ideas? ama uwesmake alinichuja na sijui?

Uwesmakende ni nugu sana kinaeza kua kimekutoa. But sijawai tumia telehram kwa bberry so i cant actually help u


Ambia uwesmake aniweke pia kwa hiyo group ya telegram

Fap fap fap hadi unaomba msaada

umeanza kuharibika wewe

Kwa nini?