Ktalk petition

Mimi naona account ya @Miss Finest Wine irudishwe admin
Hapana tambua shosho

Joined yesterday …umejuaje Miss fine.

Nani hata you change handles mara ngapi, I can still smoke you out. When will you ever tire of this obsessing?

Nataka nione results before I vote

I support…but age catches fast

Your vote determines the results :D:D:D:D

Votes currently 80 to 40…come oooon

Ata rao was there, ati server ifunguliwe ? You vote ,the results are obvious !

Kwanza waanze na ya @Jirani @karadar na ya @Wakanyama.

Am closing this poll leo 9pm…hurry up guys

Wechez I was not blocked. I forgot my password during the immigration and so was locked out. Having said I don’t want the handle back for reasons known to self. Someone is running out of Mrs Shosho headliners so had to look for something to say. I am tired of them ALREADY and might need to take a v firm stand.