KTalk Mungich Squad / shining Eyes revealed.. [a J&J investigations production] PART 1 of 4

If u are a Ktalker then u have to give credit to J&J investigation producing unit which is made up of high class international journalists that make Mohammed Ali and John allan Namu look like novices…if u remember J&J investigations has before exposed the Lichoti Telegram forum…today j&j investigation unit will exclusively expose the Ktalk mungich squad–W/O any further ado twennery kazi…you’re welcomed

Narration by jay baby boy…chief journalist and C.E.O of j&J investigation unit.

U might have come across posts by some Ktalkers calling Raila Baboun…they will always attack the so called baboun whenever the CORD party makes a move…the same grouping are known to protect Uhuru Kenyatta and his close associates whenever they are accused of things like corruption e.g Anne waiguru…Who are these pple? and what is their agenda…I Jay baby boy will tell u who they are!! they are the Ktalk mungich squad and here are their names—

  1. Field Marshal Couch P : Elder and chief of the mungich squad…This is an old man who throws matusi left , right and center towards baba roho mtakatifu Rao. A Senile who also suggests that all tribes shud relocate back to their provinces,

  2. Gashwin: This one chezas chini bt his a mungich,try saying Uhuru will not wachia Ruto and he will come with a clever cat come back…

  3. Guru: Anatha one…hates anyone who supports Rao bt does not say it directly

  4. Mrs4thletter: Kimezaa juzi bt her bile or hate towards non okuyus is too much

5, Natty Dread: jus go look at his Avi then come back…this one is a pure mungich

  1. Wakanyama: sasa this one hata huwa hafichi…he is the moses kuria of this mungich squad…shines his meno brown teeth whenever u touch a shining eyes leader…claims he wants vita 2017

  2. Shocks: a foolish mungiki…raised in ocha hivi,remember the shining eyes that did a rap titled kagumo rapper…ndio hii type…born and raised to hate non saperes…

part 2 will follow soon,inPart two we will discuss how a Klist female mungiki moderator has influenced Ktalk management with her money…the Fmr Klist moderator will also be revealed…hatufichi mambo na waki delete hii thread or ban me then nikuteni the other side …u know where

karii kii


meffi iii,hutatusumbua

Peleka uchokosh wako dandora kubaff nyani ya ol monk.

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Pokea my likes all the way from Mukuru kwa Njenga.



Wewe hata haujui Babuon attackers



hmm, good job! …uncovering what was in the open all this time…


Babuon is waiting for Monday…


I don’t know what to expect from a Man who calls himself Baby Boy. Like seriously, WTF.



Waste of oxygen.

Those investigative journalists Namu and MOha are ok. But their reports frequently lack factual depth. That is they have a lot of hearsay, hypothesis and speculation. In a court of law, an average lawyer can wipe them clean. They are good though at bringing attention to unknowns- that I give them credit. They are good for the country.

Another experiment…this time from the other side

Sasa mnaleta ukabila hapa kwa kijiji kubaffff

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Senior repoter Gay Jay

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Matako ya nyani chokosh Jay…

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Sasa kutukana hivi inawaongezea kilo ngapi mwilini???

Hii umeffi yako ndio ilinifanya nikuwache.


Can we f.# one day??