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Give your submissions on the case below…

He was doing CBC practicals on sex education. At the point of arrest, he was doing a demonstration on protected sex

No case, both of legal age.

Not a lawyer but hapo hakuna crime, maybe counselling for the girl and some disciplinary action for the teacher.

so now we are arresting men for fucking 22 year old females who are consenting?

Let adults enjoy themselves

Hio K/F/A inamaanisha nini ?
Ama ni Kamba Female Adult ?

The two are adults so basically there is no case here unless one was raping the other.

However, the teacher being an employee of TSC, will definitely face administrative action for his conduct towards the student.

wakamba na kupenda sekete yawaaaaaaa! @chap ghasia kuja hapa changia mujadala

We don’t know yet if he is a TSC teacher.
Schools are still notorious for enlisting BoM teachers bila TSC membership, despite regulations.

You just had to associate me with such nonsense

Why are u running away from your heritage?

If not a member of TSC then hakuna kesi hapo.

Umbwa orangutan uko na IQ ya 6 kama kilo za foreskin lakini ujuaji umejaza kwa mkundu.



So Sokwe mkundu you think you know the law sana kuniliko eh? Screenshoting just a section of Sexual Offense Act and now thinks you can teach me law? Shenzi sana.

You have screenshot Section 24 of the said Act. Why don’t you proceed to screenshot Section 25 (i), (ii) and (iii) among others tuone kama wewe ni mjuaji.

24 imetosha kuweka orangutan ndani akachunishe sukuma onyii na kunyonywa foreskin na huyu othis hapa chini

Kubali iishe, kijana ako na kesi

These are two adults. The teacher will be sanctioned by TSC for contravening the code of conduct.

You have proven that you’re just a simpleton, stupid low IQ mongrel who thinks screenshoting Acts of parliament will make the villagers think you are smart.

I asked you a simple question. Screenshot the next section, precisely Section 25 tuone hiyo ujuaji yako imefika wapi.

Low IQ idiot.

Law and courts doesn’t operate like that. Screenshot the next section na ulete hapa.