Ktalk has become a den of racist

Seeing a lot of jareer post of late, the word is being used to profile any black african.
But for the love of adsense clicks, the @administrator dont give a shit where the forum is heading.

That word is jarreerr

Hii kijiji haina huruma.For that reason, develope very thick skin.For every racist matusi,reply with 10 times heavier matusis.With every matusi from a kijiji troll,give them ten times the dose of the matusi they have given you.
It is the only language that is understood in this kijiji.

You must be confusing this kijiji for another place how can we be racist against our own selves??

I dont think racist is the right word. Even tribal is losing meaning nowadays.

Call it self hate, how many times do you find the word bonobo or jarreer, you know well when talkers cant explain their failures, they hit bonobo escape button.

Ukweli self hate imejaa hii kijiji

Homo_Scarlet quarantine kusuguliwa thoro thoro

Mkuki kwa nguruwe…?

While blacks technically cant be racist against themselves, they can be complicit, and become house niggers.

Give an example of your experience kwa hii kijiji complete with full illustrations quoting the case at hand ama hii yako ni mehemehe ya kawaida kama tu ile ya @Motokubwa

I have gotten used to the word bonobo such that i find using the word on myself. What do you think is wrong with me?

Nothing! Villagers have become too sensitive.

Most people complaining about the village joined in 2019 and 2018. What do you know about the village? It’s rare to find wahenga wa 2015 wakicomplain. If you can’t handle it si you just leave?

ferck you!

[COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]Bana, hii cerelac gen ni zile ghassia za safe spaces… mara safe words.

Cant we get along ?

Take your messiah complex services to reddit ama mukuru kwa zukabaga. From the comments above we don’t get down like that hapa kwa hii kijii. Bonobo jareer mcoosh. Let me add NIGGER too.

Pointing out racist events taking place elsewhere in the world does not constitute racism!!

Whats this burger talking about?