Ktalk end of year bash.

whats this i see…kumbe uko na kipara cha ukweli @introvert

Hio ni quenching hole hapo Kwa customs across ,you know hawatambui usafi hata hakuna drainage system in Ethiopia.

Miss you too…
Nitarudi soon.

Ati KTalk end of year bash?
If by now you ain’t in any WhatsApp group resulting from KTalk,endelea kupropose…wanakuangualia tu then smile slyly knowing they hold them bashes at the drop of a hat…once in a while,they post a ka-mbicha. To keep the ignorant hopeful…

:D:D:D:D:D me I saw how many shao people are on ktalk when @Meria Mata tagged me on a thread about shiny called Kamaru.

btw anazikwa lini


Call me when you know someone from areas away from Wakanyau’s butchery!



mkumbwa niadd kwa group, alafu kwa hio bash naomba noogle @introvert iwe pia, taua mtu, gombe sana huyo kipash. Mutheu shall acompany me

:D:D I gave you a personal invite last year. “Let me think about it.” You said.

@wamanyau nowadays performs one man guitar pale exit 11 Eastern mbypass.

I hope you mean the original mutheu not me coz there’s no way in high heaven or hell that me and that bald negro can be at close proximity to each other.

hehe, we shall fix him for good, ata kaa nitakua Congo will take a flight, @Nefertities pia kunasiku alipromise nudes akatuma manicured kidole peke yake, ata yeye yuko wanted

Utavaa helmet, na vidole upeleke manicure, usikuje na K5 ama Ile mkebe yako Yamaha…And no WD ubugie maji pekee


Look who’s asking for a heka

@Meria Mata read me again above…please.

And in any case,if there was such a bash and Mutheu was gracing it with her presence,circumstances would demand that one of us gives it a pass.

Finally,I would never be party to murder. Even if it is to mine Au

@pseudonym nigga’s still thinking…I just need a Heineken pale beer garden,with the Ninjas!

hii ni noogle ingine lazima tui fix hio siku

Are you insinuating that we are like the Kenyans who have been waiting for Canaan for quite sometime now ? Wait we are Kenyans ,… Shait.

hatuta ua, just breaking a few bones tukianzia na fingers hizo zinachora