Ktalk downgrade

I am disappointed by this change of site. 5 reasons I hate the new

  1. I usually view the site after work and the site seems to post the latest comment rather than threads. I usually see threads from yesterday than today
  2. The big name of kenyatalk hides the anonymity to view the site in public
  3. The advertising on top of the site
  4. It has become hard to navigate the site
  5. The site has very dull colours

Weka alot advertisements

True, the ktalk experience has been downgraded. If it stays like this many will leave.

Most importantly, the view all the thread feature is MISSING !!

Tumehujumiwa na admean

So if no one comments on a thread and I log in 3 hrs later I will never know about it.
Case in point thread za @screwplus na @Freakazoid
I can overlook alot of the changes but missing out on @screwplus gibberish is unacceptable
@Deorro wacheni umeffi

Hizi advert hazitokei Kwa sisi watu wa archives aka windows phone…

The downgrade is real…

@Deorro rudisha former UI ama tu #RESIST… MEFFI WEWE…