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@admin i did a listing here about the PROblem BOX now am seeing the same images on churchill show FB page.

FB Link.
Ktalk Link

Is there a way you can patent the content of your site or atleast water mark the images downloaded from you site, for instant Klost used to water mark the images. (food for though this can give alot of millage out there.)

nivutie wire ukimaliza tafasari


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Thought* :D:D

:D:DHiyo mbisha ni noma.

Don see an copycating


are you the one who took the pic? if you are the one who is taking the pics, then put a watermark on them with maybe your handle name before you post them here…perhaps at the bottom or some place where it would ruin the pic if they try to cover it up.


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same thing happend to my burukenge pic ol monk. do something

If you are the first one to watemark the image and probably change its dimensions you are the owner. However, on the internet, images just flow around.

long time ago klist had a watermark which prompted the site

@admin fanya jambo atleast

[SPOILER=“TESTING http://www.picmarkr.com/”] [ATTACH=full]6974[/ATTACH] [/SPOILER]

You cannot patent a photo. Only scientific/industrial innovations are patentable. The answer lies in copyright.