Ktalk chimpanzees ain't shit

I always wonder why with all the alfa mails here y’all so crazy about lanyes. You are an alpha like Elon Musk but the most exciting thing about your life is your 150 bob hooker. You regurgitate Rep peel cult mantras and are always looking for women to troll, either they’re single mothers or they are post wall.

From my little life experience I know one thing, Elon Musk has never seen a sex worker and he has never gone online to search for the latest woman to hit the wall. He’s never been on Tinder or dating sites looking for single mother ads to bitch about to his fellow alpha males.

Bro if you see a prostitute and get thrills from trolling single mothers, better males and post wall women not forgetting lanyes, you are a big loser. You are a loser and your life sucks. You have nothing to be happy about and misery loves company. Nothing like discussions about kungurus to bring useless boys together. Our life is so lousy let’s look for a woman who isn’t doing well to bash so that we can feel better about our pathetic existence.

Few days back late in the night some alfas from this cesspool hacked my phone and I was asking myself what kind of a man will be up past midnight to hack the phone of a post ceiling woman? Shouldn’t you be having some hot sex with your lanyes at that time.

Let me tell you, it does not matter how much you hate me because you are not God. So stalking me online or cyber stalking me doesn’t add any value to your life. But hey if you want to be eaves dropping on a late night banter with some random guy, go ahead. I like it that I am so important to you that I am still on your mind past midnight.

I don’t stalk people online because they are not worth the effort. Even my exes I don’t go to their social media or try to hack their phones to get to know what is going on with their lives. If I wanted to stay with them I would never have broken up with them. I moved on because I realised that I deserved better. I choose myself over them. So I am too busy living my life to follow them on the internet or trying to see who they are chatting with.

Being a loser sucks. You hate your life and you can only give what you have, if all you have to look forward to is lanyes and who has hit the wall or bashing single mothers no wonder you are miserable you skunk. Imagine what you could do with all that time and energy you put into stealing women’s photos from their phones and intercepting their chats with their boyfriends? Alafu after you discuss it with your fellow losers, your life still sucks.

Look at Elon Musk, do you think he has time for these kinds of nonsense? And this is why the black man is essentially a stupid chimpanzee. You can never ape the good things about the almighty white man just the things that white males who are losers teach you. Why don’t you study Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg instead of red peel nonsense and Lanye referrals.

Life is very short so there’s no time to habor so much bitterness and toxic stuff in your life. The toxicity is too much for someone so young. Anyway enjoy your lanyes and your cyber stalking women that’s what useless chimpanzees do. Won’t catch me dead at midnight looking at who a man is chatting with. At those ungodly hours I am either sleeping or in a talk show about the future of my country. Or listening to a sermon.

You know if there’s anything I do is give honor to whom honor is due. Black men especially this generation don’t care about themselves that’s why they love lanyes, don’t care about their women and even their children. I respect the white man bcz he’s the real alpha male. His women are not leaving their kids behind to go raise Arab women’s children. Their presidents are not globe trotting to borrow loans. If the black man just mindlessly copied the white man we would be very far as a people. Nyway I can’t force you to be superior if you are pathetic loser, I can only remind you that you are not a man worthy of respect and I will sooner respect a chimpanzee than you. Ati alpha male. Wewe ni takataka and men from other races know it and that’s why they do whatever they want to do to you. Mpaka muhindi tells chimpanzees wavue nguo zote ndio wabebe magunia kwa go down. Where did your pride and dignity go? Now that you can’t hold your own before other men it’s women you are now fighting. Chimpanzees it’s up to you. You can copy the white man and be better or be bitter bcz you ain’t shit and you know it.

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How idle are you to write these essays marraya mnono?

This is actually a very serious issue raised by this delusional old whore… @adminstrator @Electronics4u mkimaliza kunyonywa mboro na i maraya msee muiambie i substantiate izi claims

First thanks Makena for recognizing the 150 religion.
Secondly I never understood why my happiness ya kukula lanye na 150 will make someone think I live a miserable life.
Wahenga walisema the people who look depressed are actually the happiest and the people who look happy are actually miserable and depressed. .
Juu ya hii story. Meffi wewe

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This is Actually a Wake Up Call to All Bonobos…

Wow, did they hack your phone or did they get your number from someone? Either way you need to involve police,dci. Some of these stalkers will never stop.

psychotic attention seeking antics of a sex starved femcel chimpanzee. mavi ya mluhya wewe

Hebu nipee summary mdau.

Capote you’re suffering another panic attack because of cabin fever. Eka mbaba kwa mpango. You feelings of paranoia will disappear

I maraya yenu msee inasema…ama nikuandikie na kikuyu???


Too long, I didn’t read it all, but I agree with the main point – fucking hookers is a low-class thing, especially when you’re boffing cheap hookers.

Elon Musk don’t need no hookers. He’s too high value. All kinds of women throw themselves at him.

Hebu expound iyo part ya phone hacking. I don’t think anyone in this cesspit is capable of that. Pengine the people who you interact with out there

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