Ktalk bully

There is a stupid cunt of a bully here who abuses others mother’s with impunity .
And when an elder is fixed in a Corner and decides to unleash fags the ghaseer activates other equally half wits handles known as @Sambamba , @Tauren etc to fight for him Mara @admin crack the whip Mara pharmacy wacha ufala.
Let me be clear as possible ,I used to enjoy ktalk until wen this motherfucker @uwesmake nde started abusing me. Even if am illiterate who is @uwesmake nde to remind me daily ?!
Secondly when I also remind him of the plutonium leaking dirty vaginas he rims why does it hurt his other handles?
Solution to this is simple @uwesmake nde ignore pharmacy and stop tagging me ever otherwise hio micoomer ntaiweka hapa like ghaseer .
Don’t cry to your uncle monk ,they said Vita za chokosh wataangalia from far .
You are also a conman who comes I have been helping one of your handles @Tauren and when things get hot that handle attacks me to help ‘mzee’ out :D.
Villagers never ever help a talker you may as well be helping your enemy . @Tauren shame on you since you are the same guy abusing me with the main handle .kufeni

Pot calling kettle black. @administrator waves play on.
Pharmacy you take this God forsaken place too seriously. Peel a mango or something

:smiley: At 6:27 in the morning… what the fuuck? Huyu jamaa nikama amefikiria hii bullshit the whole night.

Hii msenge ni kumbafu sana. He isn’t even that important kwa hii forum. We’d just like him to stop circulating picha ya pussy since it makes this site inaccesible in public.

But I guess I’ll simply have to block him.


Badass iyo jua ya Kitui inachoma wewe maini

@___________must go <------[SIZE=1]insert name of your choice:D[/SIZE]

Wank ulale

Nyamazisha hio bakuli yako kubwa wee mzee

Navy Seal @uwesmake mbona hunakosesha mwanaume usingizi?


isn’t Pharmacy, Tauren and Uwesmake the same person?

@PHARMACY ni mkamba mjinga illiterate maskini. He can’t even buy a proper pencil for his mongoloid son.

huwezi bishana na whale kunywa maji, utaumia in the end mkamba illiterate maskini hata Joho alijaribu ku spar na Uhuru akainuliwa juu kama burukenge kwa nyumba yake akaenda kulia nyali bridge :D:D:D:D:D

Respect The President na si tafasali . Ona sasa hujalala overnight kuota tu tribulations za rattling the Sirikali na ukicheze Sirikali itakukamua mkia ujipate Yala river :smiley: na hio soprano yako kama ya pre-teen girl

@Nipe Nikusifu = @Tauren = @Investorde = shoga @uwesmake

Najua unatafuta attention yangu ili nikutombe mattercore chafu lakini siwezi. Even I have standards.

@PHARMACY wacha upuzi

:D:D:D:D:D hapana chief,

huyu uncircumcised kijana mdogo @PHARMACY ndio anajaribu kusumbua sirikali ya wananchi

This isn’t sex so I suppose it’s a relationship, correct forum to post on

By the way mkamba uko na sister? Au ata cousin ivi kadem kameiva ivi niaje