ktalk billionaires tafteni $$ mapema mapema the shilling is about to take a nose dive.

Courtesy of these clueless bonobos
in other words they want to print more money

what do i do? open a dollar acc? help

Ati? Elaborate

open a crypto wallet.
Start kidogo kidogo

Every country is printing money, they just use fancy terms to mask that fact. Western countries, led by the US are the worst culprits. Ukiskia vitu kama derivatives, hizo ni economic voodoo. They create “assets” worth trillions of dollars from thin air. They called Idi Amin a buffoon for printing money, but they do the same using complex terms. My advice to other countries, including Kenya, is to join the bandwagon because when western financial markets crash, we’ll feel the heat whether we’ve been participating in the shenanigans or not.




Oooh. That is what it means? I read it but didn’t think much of it. Jargon zingine inanipitanga.

Very unwise for a country that imports almost everything it consumes

You’re bringing in your bonoboistic thought process into complex matters that is economy.

Kama io ndio njia wameona mzuri, si KRA iwe disbanded tuwe tunaprint pesa direct? Legislators wetu hawana akili

:D:D:D:D:D…iko lapdog inaitwa @johnpombe who is busy praising gathecha "development record " , I wonder what economic model he has to explain this current phenomena

Stick to kupangusa vumbi kwa computers mambo ya economics wachana nayo kabisa. They are way above your pay grade.

Mnaona vile huwa mnaanza uchokozi? Halafu nikiwaambia mtombe kuma za mama zenu mnasema naongea vibaya. You can give a counter argument without making these childish comments.

John Pombe = Spear

The counter argument is simple and you should have picked it where you got your initial meffi; we import virtually everything. Sasa tukiprint Kenya shillings uchumi utasimama kivipi? Ama imports na Chinese loans pia tutalipa in Kenya shillings?
I told you economics is beyond your paygrade. Ama unafikiria it all starts and ends with paying for arimis and KDF with a crisp 1000 note at the kiosk ndio maana unaona wakiprint pesa wakupe thao zako ujishikie utakuwa sawa?

The fact that you assumed I was talking about physical printing of currency means unatumia mcoondu kufikiria. FYI the US also imports more than it exports, umefikiria hivyo ama akili iko kwa mattercore?

Nimekuwacha. You takes things literally ndio maana huoni mahali ufala wako unafika. Tumia hio time uko nayo kusomea underlying assets and currency ndio uone the fallacy in your suggestion?

:D:D:D Mimi ama wewe? Hakuna kitu naenda kusoma, hiyo time afadhali nispend nikilamba coomer ya mamako. Next time try and engage in adult arguments and we’ll have a mature debate. You start these ad hominem attacks and I guarantee you it’ll be a shitshow. Mbwa hii.

Nimesikia mkuu. That does not negate the fact that you had a shitty thesis, does it?

I stand by everything I typed. If you think it’s shitty, that’s your opinion, which you’re entitled to.

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