Ktalk appeal No 001 of June 2020

Nothing more humiliating, degreading, dehumanising, to Africans remains to be said about the BONOBO, referencing Africans here (ktalk/klist)

So here is my honest to God humble (on my knees) appeal to fellow Kenyans

STOP useing the word BONOBO in reference to nyeuthis.

Its not a small matter and its not funny,
E.g All nyeuthis on this forum know exactly what is meant when the word Bonobo is used = All have internalized it.

Now for any mwafrika this word Carrie’s a truck load of negativity.

Its NOT a positive thing to repeatedly encounter truck loads of negativity hadi its internalized and seems normal.

Its a negativity cost we need not inflict on ourselves repeatedly day in day out.

So kindly feel free to refrence Africans in any non derogatory terms of your choice

Asante sana
(in adv)

Replce bonobo with jarreeeer

In the hierarchy of Bonobos in Bonobostan, Worias are at the bottom. Umeffi!

What is jerreeeer ?


It’s a Bantu subgroup of Somalis found towards Jubaland. They are the ones who do the farming and other labour that the malnourished goat fuckers-sorry, Arabs-are too good for.

It just means africans/black

Sounds much better then bonobo.



somalis are not arabs, acha bangi msee, having curly hair and and a long nose does not make you an arab.

They are Cushitic negroes. Their IQ is lower than that of Bantus and Nilotes