Ktalk App for Android

As a minority shareholder (17%) I need your support as users and indeed stakeholders of this site. I need you to vote for an Android app for the site so that admin responds

I think it will be an excercise in futility. I wouldn’t install it due to securtiy issues. Plus naona utamu wa hii site ni kufungua kwa browser.

But what do I know. People here advocate for female circumcision and regular dryfry so maybe the audience may be more peculiar than I imagine.

In terms of revenue to admin, it may cost him more than he/she will earn back from the app.

Which people?


‘Mama’, hata nikisema ‘people’ I have to specify you? Don’t I give you enough attention?

Imagine you dont.

Utajifunza kuishi na mabibi wengine! :wink: