KTALK ANNOYING POP UP ADDS....ni mimi tu naziona


Ata mimi. Ni kila mtu

Mwingine pia ameona hizo maghost apo chini. @Idi Admin tafasali saidia hawa majamaa

Manze zinaruka hadi Ads blocker bana. They’re on roids

Very annoying

Stop using sheety browsers. Mbona never seen such crap on Firefox since Android 7 through upgrades to present 9 (Pie) on same phone?

Messing the village for greed.
Villagers may resort to just reading and not contributing anything…

I can’t relate.

@administrator awachwe aunde peso

we thought admin is mbillionaire

Admean ana other very lucrative revenue source in this website other than AdSense pennies.

Nilete mbuzi?

Admin aachwe atafte unga buana


Can relate… upuusi. Hizo za hapo juu na Chini zimetosha

Pia Mimi ayan tired

Use NoScript, the browser add-on.

:mad:…that shit is irritating.

Makasia tumieni Brave browser,haitambui hizo pop-ups na adverts.Mscheeew

:D:D:Dwacha tu