Ktalk and peasantry

Mimi naonanga huku most guys are just unemployed or peasants …pia mimi nilikuwa nachapa hustle hivi hivi but juzi nikaangukia line mzuri saana…sure to make good money.the issue is i struggle nowadays to login to ktalk…i came to the conclusion a real money making gentleman cannot login to an anonymous forum frequently.leteni matusi

Gasiaaah. Leta betting tips

Very true, I also find myself busy and can’t login even for weeks but unapata mzee mwingine spelling checker na Ana reply thread zote kutoka safisha macho to jubilee development ata saa nane za usiku. You wonder does he have a family to spend time with or work to do ata Kama ni kuuza kahawa jioni.

Bro the surest ladder to peasantry is betting…the more you bet the more peasant you become…niliwachana na hiyo upuss

hata mimi tangu nikuje Netherlands nimekuwa busy sanaaa nikawachia VILLAGE IDLER @gashwin KIJIJI

Iam a peasant at the lowest leta tips

@Dasani pole Sana for knowing late hii kijiji[SIZE=7] imejaa imaginary billionaire [/SIZE][SIZE=3]Kwanza @Motokubwa hujiita billionaire na anasurvive from hand to mouth kwa kuuza Mali ya wizi.[/SIZE]

I am a birrionea but I am always online. My grandfather left me a lot of property and my work is only to take care of it.

make hay while the sun shining pande yako ,pande yetu Ili shine kitambo ,kazi yetu Siku hizi ni kukula matunda mti ikiwa shambani,you can’t be us

do you think all of us tunafanya kazi ya kupanguza mwarabu ass,ati akihara hatuwezi pata time ya kufanya anything else isipokuwa kumupanguza mkundu?sisi ni watu wamejipanga bana

I am currently in the unemployed bracket by choice or circumstances. My observation is that you cannot be on KTalk and even multi handling and claim to do a day job. That is a lie. But Dasani don’t you also agree a forum needs posters in order to thrive else unakuja kusoma nani na nini?

hio Mali lazima uwe na capital ya kuinunua,na sio shillingi mbili wanaruona chieth

80% of talkers huwa Mpesa attendants na billionaires ni Bank tellers in a not so busy bank

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Niokotwe. One famous talker once told me that he believes that KTalkers are govt workers or bank tellers who look busy on the phone like they are trying to solve a problem while actually they are on KTalk and it was not you as this was a face to face conversation. [SIZE=1]He was right hehehehe[/SIZE]

Guka @FieldMarshal CouchP alikuwa anachochwa hapa na birionares aweke paybill…vile aliweka not even one shilling came out of ktalk birionares…peasants peasants

It’s the honest truth majority are in these jobs that have lots of idle hours. Mimi to be honest if i get good money ni ngumu kunipata hapa because I will be busy indulging in rich people activities in my spare time. If you broke though you adjust and spend your free time in such umeffi :D:D

Tuko hapa kutoa tu stress ya maisha :D:D

:D:D:D:D:D:D I missed that thread as I blocked him, that must have been funny. But it was v good he anikad them then. You see, I am planning to be home by the end of this year and I have several drink dates/meetups lined up. Naona kama nitakua nikipiga simu tupatane…nakuta no response from some…:smiley:

our money works for us

Truesay. Been on KT when employed and been on KT when not like now soo big difference. When I was at work…barely had the time to log in and when I did and should not have done, I would be dyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing of laughter suddenly because of stumbling into TLS, Nyarwath, KYM hekayas…ama just funny comments.
But to keep a forum going folk have to pop in now and again and POST.

hata mimi tangu nijoin ktalk nimekuwa mbirionea. nasomanaga kila thread especially S&R ni time sina ya kucomment kila saa.