KTalk and Mharo news are partners?

Okay… Am going to partner with you soon

Jaba at it again

You have given me ideas,thank you

Name them…

:smiley: you’re welcome.

Hi @administrator wachana hiyo nyang’au,swali langu kwako ni…do you have a galfriend?

tunajua wewe ni admin

@administrator bring back kcr pia sisi tukule kitu

Bana, isiwe volunteer work

Banae kama kule Senate Kwa @Meria Mata 1000/ worth of airtime cc @administrator

@administrator unakuanga ghaseer tu

how much does admin make here

Kimakia you swore to never let an opportunity to shoot your shot go to waste. Admin akiingia box umwambie hii ujinga ya kupin stupid threads forever awache.


Admin inamaanisha we ni mzito kuwashinda, they are thriving on our unadulterated views and opinions here on topics.

Kwani unataka kuwa dem yake?

I want to save him from introvertness,all programmers are

I am so irked, shocked, petrified and flabbergasted to learn that we are part of the mharo Kenyan githeri media. In that case, I will wash the wanakijiji mesho with some vulgar pictures by the end of the day as an act of retaliation.