KTalk and Mharo news are partners?

Kwani Ktalk is part of Radio Africa ama niaje?


Kiiinzi…I knew it…no wonder wasee waliwacha kuweka threads ziko na evidence like @Kidinyi used to do…@administrator @Purple @Mundu mulosi @eletronics4u are selling our content out there

Well I have read texts circulated on WhatsApp and seen articles online that quote talkers word for word. I wouldn’t be surprised if admin cashes in on it.

Turedio sold the site to the devil

Naonanga business model ya forum ikiwa noma sana. Kazi tu ni kumaintain website as people contribute content for free. They click on ads and you also sell the content they have created. Seems like a solid business to me.

Wacha admin anukishe kitunguu kabla wakuje na arimis

Just scroll down and read the terms and rules.

KTALK team kubwa is evolving next tuna partner na FOX news , Rupert Murdoch had made a bid kununua Ktalk but we refused akanunua tu shares kiasi. George Soros pia akataka kununua but we refused since his Jurisprudence and ours dont align .


ule jaluo homosexual wa mafeelings pia aongee nao Deoroo apeleke huko senators pia labda atapata fanbase

Kuka umepewa position hapa ama bado?
Nataka kuapply kama FM

Oliskia wapi?
Maybe we are trending.
Wacha ni tume messenger aangalie.

Sasa unataka utudanganye?? Si hio link ata ukikrik inakuja huku


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I didn’t know that they gave us a backlink
That link is called a do-follow link and its purpose is to increase the site’s domain authority.
The more links point to a certain website, the more its authority
In fact, we are supposed to pay them for it but they gave us for free

Unacheka nini?:smiley:

@administrator mbona unakuwanga na umama ivyo. Burukenge.

Apana tusi mkubwa.

There are even mheshimiwas on this site. I have seen some quote things I and talkers have said. Especially discussions. Sometimes they try to mask by paraphrasing. I can name at least 3.

Name them