Before we jump into 2019, lets recognize notable talkers who have made great contributions to Ktalk in 2018

[li]@pseudonym – The first Female VS[/li][li]@gashwin – For his lovely bouquet of fresh flowers every morning[/li][li]@Afro – For posting his sacco every morning at 5am (wonder how he does it)[/li][li]@Chloe – For her Todays Movie quote[/li][li]@upepo – For his A. O. B.[/li][li]@Bingwa Scrotum – For creating his 5oooth handle[/li][li]@GUKA – MIT for life[/li][li]Maanzoni Cartel – For running this place (2022 we shall put our man in state hse, Putin did it in Washington)[/li][li]Yours truly MM – for TBT[/li][/ul]
Ongezeni hao wengine

@introvert and @Nefertities

#FerkSwallow #FerkCliques #ThisIsntHighSchool #FerkSeekingValidationOnline

Have A Safe and Blessed New Year…



Another year and still got you shook like I howl at the moon

VC hakuna mod hata mmoja?

Let’s go round and tell each other our favourite dick jokes. I’ll start.

Did you here about the the penis-less man who ejaculated? He just came out of nowhere.

kuna ninja moja hupeana likes sana…

2018 review

Hii raia ndo mod of the year. Purple ni ghasia of the year.

@admin: For great job of improving the KTALK interface. Though there was strong resistance to change, you stood your ground, and look what we have now; a much user friendlier forum.

happy new year girl

Wacha upuss Meffi… Hii joke ni stale especially since its the basic and raw deal xenforo…


Naona you still want to keep your job in 2019

@introvert - ata kaa tukikutana na hii noogle jakipash tutauana anajipata hall of fame for his Gunia wiki hii
@Deorro - Love him hate him, huyu mod hamumuwezi, has so many nicknames including wamafeelings
@Motokubwa - asskicker turned asskisser. Bring back the old @Wakanyama
@Panyaste - Most of the terminology you use here ni yakeste. Ghaseer Tacker tacker Meffi etc
@Riva - Amazing photography na supa dip lens
@The.Black.Templar - Mall crawler looking for tissue, last spoted in Karatina Market 5th floor wc
All ktalk an docs for free consultation even at odd hrs (God Bless you)

Oh,its that time of the year again? If you be a shareholder in Ktalk…

Bootlicker of the year, this goes to @Meria Mata

Umesahau @Kimakia and @tall mnyama everywhere for their thrilling contributions

The worst combo in existence… The level. Of irony here…