I start by filing a complaint aimed at purple a blue handle for masquareding(I have burnt my brain cells) as a pinkie with or without his/her knowledge
I had come across a post by him/her stating that he/she is a father but she keeps talking about a husband so maybe the former was a mistake as a villager I deamand answers
secondly I was developing a crush for phylgee until she broke news that she has ass fat and healed of asthma in the spirit of keeping the village healthy I suggest that you ban her as she may influence other pinkies to have but fat .The ban should however be lifted as soon as she has cleansed the eyes of esteemed villagers with but picks after reducing the fat
thirdly I think some villagers should be updated from time to time abt uwesmake’s wherebouts wasijaze server na threads za kumtoa Siberia na kuulizia anko (kwani yee ni ruto)for example uwesmake has been spotted in a busaa den with Abba in kiminini or whatever.
signing off Leo nimelalia mbao that’s why nimeamka michinga hivi wacha nilale visuri.

Ningekupea like lakini umeongea vibaya kuhusu @Phylgee, she is not fat and unhealthy. She is healthy and strong.

Hata mimi.

Chief, huwa hauna life?

Jeeesus. some people really have no life beyond this forum eh?