KSI wins the fight: What is it with Nigerians succeeding abroad?

In as much as @Aka mpole calls them out, these people always be succeeding abroad like crazy .Like this KSI guy.


And there is this other one. Very average content but still gets all the attention. last year he even organized a very big cars meetup


Burna boy be performing at Wembley stadium . Meanwhile, our local batty boys Sauti sol perform at a local Kenyan-owned club in Texas and make noise how they are recognized internationally.


We don’t hate ogas we want them to shut up their long mouth and go fix their shitholes. After tume malizana na maoga next ni the skinny malnourished somalis.


Props to JJ. That cocky MF knows how to monetize his following and win bouts.


@Ndindu covered this one before, enabling environment is the main factor here. Case in point Indians and Nigerians succeed when outside their respective shitholes. The only people who seem to have escaped this shit is the Chinese. Chinese are both prosperous both at home and in China. In Massachusetts and California (home to the best universities in the world) we have Chinese excelling in different levels upto Members of Congress level (MP level) . Meanwhile China has the second highest number of dollar billionaires and may overtake US soon. Infact, the number of Chinese international students in the US has been declining while Indians and Nigerians increased. @Sambamba can explain to us why Chinese have been able to successfully beat that phenomenon.

It’s selection bias at work. The immigration systems in developed countries are very selective. And the worse a country’s reputation, the harsher immigration will be on them. That means that developed countries only accept the best of the best from shitholes like Nigeria and India, while leaving all the bonobos to stay in their home country

Tukianza kudeal na maragoli cum Somali cunts , I will inherit @Bingwa Scrotum wives and goats after kumzika akiwa hai 20meters deep boni forest . These folks are entitled yet they survive because if us.

Kabisa, people only look at panjeets pale silicon valley tu not knowing wengi wao are from wealthy, educated and higher caste families back in india. Average street shitter atawezaje panda ndege?

It’s actually faster to get a US visa in Mumbai as a Kenya, than hapa Gigiri.
Huko English ya Punjab Huwa inawarusha nje ya interview mapema Sana.


Yes. And even the ones who sneak past the official systems as undocumented immigrants are extremely high in bravery and perseverance. Ile nguvu ya kunang’ana majuu bila papers si ya kawaida. Either way, legal or illegal, the immigration systems in developed countries filter for special characters