Kshs.110 million house.

Mithika and his company (started with Kitany’s relatives) contributed kshs. 80 million.

Kitany contributed kshs. 30 million.

Total = kshs. 110 million. Hio si ni maongo?

Kwani ni apartment? They have not said if the figure includes cost of purchasing the plot in Runda.

And in Meru Kitany contributed another 30 or 40 million for the second home. Shait!! Like the mechanic would say.

The mechanic is a bald-headed, bald-butt guy who consequently is a mlemavu wa nywele… its best not to use him as a reference as he has a lot of self-acceptance to deal with

is it wrong for a woman to be rich?

It’s not a crime to be rich, but a crime if you use public money that js government money that you’ve earned through questionable means or outright stolen.

Ati 45 with those millions and she was just a civil servant?

Hii story mnatoa wapi in piece meal. Lead me to an article about it all.

If the DCI and EACC and ODPP and KRA were serious, they have enough to nab thieves of our hard-earned taxes!!! But are they?


KRA, DCI and KACC should be following this with a lot of interest.

I personally do not take these guys seriously, as I view them as James Bond or Chuck Norris movies… amounting to nothing… at long last.

That is until they come for you or your kin.
Hapo utawatambua my fren.
Penda usipende

No need to worry… I never get involved with Government and their scandals and am well-aware of tax issues and compliance requirements as you have read in all my posts before this… But honestly, they are making a movie… I expected for example, the Kaburas to also be charged with tax-evasion… and further detailed investigations into it and not fresh charges… now that you know that the tax issue was not mentioned, they will be charged afresh in 2021 for tax evasion… the Waiguru will be called to testify… may be

Do not tussle with Police, DCI, EACC, ODPP ama KRA kama hauna deep pockets or political connections mdau. Kama real Billionaire Humphrey Kariuki alitii wewe ni nani?

I have no qualms with them at all but I do not take these cases seriously until they jail those guys they are prosecuting… You do not have to fear unless there are reasons for that… Having deep pockets to deal with them means that you are not innocent… I am and do not keep deep pockets for them… I invest my money

When some of us say that an average African Colobus Dimwit is still evolving while living in shitholes with a single digit IQ tunakuwanga tumeona mambo kama hii umeelezea. So a civil servant whose legitimate sources of income are know testifies that she owns a 110million house among other properties and bonobos treat the spectacle as a welcome comic relief?

So civil service is an automatic and deserved seating at the table of poverty?

In the U.S hii ni story ingekamata watu wengi sana due to the money trail you have alluded to.

Oh well. Wishful thinking in Kenya.

Your words not mine. Your head needs to be examined if you think a civil servant is able to honestly amass millions based on his salary and side hustles that he does not engage in full time.

In 2019, you want someone to open a business and be there full time for it to make millions?

Do you know how much a civil servant’s payslip has loans?

Do you know that compared to private sector, civil servants take the most loans some going home with only 7k per month?

SMEs with revenues of as little as 60m are feted day in day out. Why don’t we see the celebrated businesses owned by civil servants being awarded accolades yet they exhibit all the hallmarks of well run and managed companies.
I will.let you in on a small secret. When the late David Mwiraria was Finance minister. His farm in Kamulu was a beehive of activities. Pedigree cows, succulent fruits and vegetables name them. Wakati jamaa alitoka kwa ofisi, hio shamba iligeuka kuwa ghost farm. Business miraculously ended with his stay at Treasury. Saa hii bats ndio zinaishi huko.